Good game Als fans

Good hard fought game and the Stamps leave with a win. Your team desrved a better fate for sure. But a good game over all. Maybe your team can steal one in Calgary good luck the rest of the season.

That was a lucky win for the stamps. Montreal should have won

…nothing like joining and on Day One making a butthead comment like that…take a lesson from your fellow Als fans who are a) knowledgeable, b) great fans and c) good sports…

…good game Montreal, Calvillo is one tough SOB to play with a finger bent like his was…

…What happened to Cahoon, I can’t think our secondary had him contained but he was very quiet all the same?..

I have done the same injury calf roping and he will recover quickly.

To RedandWhite and redwhite2005, your team played one heck of a second half. Burris did an outstanding job controlling the clock.

The Als defense did OK considering that they were up against Reynolds, Hank's legs and that receiving core.

I expected the Als to score way more points last night but your defense absolutely slammed the door on us in the second half.


It was indeed a good game. Henry Burris is an Als killer!


The Stamps won!

Shoulda doesnt get you any points in the standings

The better team won last night. I'll say it again: the Stamps should be the favorites to win the Cup. No weaknesses in any phase of the game, a dominant QB and running back, an elite receiving corps, and a revitalized D under Chris Jones.

Henry Burris excelled in last night's game. He passed well. HE scrambled, he used the QB keep up the middle and he made excellent yardage running. I would say Burris is the premier QB to date. The Als just could not contaln Burris.

With respect to The Alouettes they were in the game until the third quarter. Cavillo racked up some good passing in the first half and Yvon Colbourne demonstrated good receiving ability and he and Calvillo were looking good at play action until quatter 3. This was a close game and had the defense been prepared to lessen Burris' abilities the Als could have won. Kerry Watkins has become the elite receiver on the Als team.

Beyond doubt, the Als must make a move with the kick returning. Armstead appears to have lost a step or two. When the Als attempted to use his "speed' in the offensive he was not up to par. We have not had a good kick receiver since Ezra Landry. Maybe Bashir Livingstone should be recalled by the team.

In summary, Burris was the man of the hour. The Als could not contain him and lost the ball game. On the positive side, when the Als offence could get on the field they produced some good offensive. Despite two sacks the offensive line was resceptable giving Calvillo time to pass. They would have made it closer if not for the two missed field goal in the first half , and if the play selection would have involved Colbourne in the last half.

I don't think Armstead has done that bad at all. When he gets the ball, he's already swarmed by coverage, and he's dancing around to try and find a scene.

I think his stats should be a lot worse. He's definately not being given any credit, where some is due, In my opinion.

Well many people were picking the Als to be losers this ear AC is ageless. The Stamps did a great job in the second half with a defense that has so many new guys they have to introduce themselves. Jones should receive the kudos for their performance. I can now see why I hated playing the Als over the last few years he is a defensive guru for sure. Good luck in the rest of your games. Now your mission is to beat all the western teams Go Als GO!

A very entertaining game... Although the Als lost, they are still VERY competitive... more than most people thought they would be.

Calgary out hustled us in the 2nd half. But we will meet again in Calgary.

This Year, any team can win on any given day. Greater parity = greater unpredictability...

What's not to like?


True except Winnipeg who everyone was picking to be number 1 in the east funny how that goes.