Good for Devante

you're all right GG. Flawed like the rest of us, but all right :slight_smile:

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Apples to oranges, dude

I have my moments. :slight_smile:

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haha all our hacked comments did not age well :joy:

New side of you.... I kinda like it :grin:

yeah. In one case guys have the shit beat out of them by multiple people just for innocently wearing a jersey of their choice. In the other case one guy gets one push for getting in the way of an obviously upset player as he is trying to leave the field.

A bunch of really big apples compare to one little orange

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oh darn, now I know I really screwed up :slight_smile:

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In the same category as the phantom roughing the passer calls of late, the local authorities have charged Devonte Adams, generally considered the best wide receiver on the planet, with misdemeanor assault. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Don’t expect a conviction should he choose to fight it. They should charge the photographer with being “in the way Edith”.

(Raiders' Adams charged for shoving photographer Raiders' Davante Adams charged for shoving photographer -

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What this is coming down to will be the photographer going " KA-CHING, BABY!!! "


Ya Devante was wrong to shove him, but not criminal record wrong. A bit of cash will likely make it all go away.

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One man was doing his job. The other dude placed himself in harm's way by showing off what tribe he belongs to. He might as well put a target on his back.

Sorry there is no comparison to be made. The camera guy filed charges against Adams. This is the Dennis Rodman incident all over again when he kicked a cameraman during a NBA game several years ago.

We haven't heard of any updates on the Bills fan or if he pressed charges. The Adams pushing incident happened inside the lines just like the Rodman incident and it was nationally televised for all the see. The Bills fan incident was filmed by a nosy rubbernecker that did nothing to help out the poor fan, but instead uploaded his video on a yellow journalism site like TMZ to capitalize on the fan's misfortune.

You're bring up old news. Football fans all have moved on. Next week there will be another violent incident to talk about. This isn't the same thing.

Next time you want to bring up the Bills fan beatdown in the parking lot, give us an update on the incident, will ya?

Sure wish I could have sued everytime someone pushed me down.

I guess it is an anomaly that in spite of it happened dozens of times, I never once had anything close to concussion or whiplash.

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People files charges and sue at the drop of a hat these days. Don't think it is in anyones job description to step in front of and collide with a player coming off the field.

It would be interesting to get updates re Miami incident but there could be many reason for the lack thereof. Doesnt make it any less egregious.

It's Adams' job description to catch footballs and not shove members of the Media that are doing their job just because he is frustrated. The Dennis Rodman incident set the precident.

Look for Adams to be fined, suspended, appear in court and make a settlement to the camera man.

The Adams shove is more egregious because all pro leagues frown on any type of physical contact with members of the Media and fans outside the lines.

A Bills fan beatdown happens every week at Highmark Stadium or at any other NFL stadium either with opposing fans or within their own fanbase. Nothing new there

except the guy actually initiated "unintentionally" most likely, the physical contact with Adams. The push was a reflex action in the heat of the moment

That's not what I see. The camera guy wore black attire to indicate he is a media employee. All media personnel on NFL sidelines were black. Adams knew he the camera man was media employee.

Adams could've avoided him, but chose to shove him from his path. All employees should have zero tolerance on physical abuse on staff whether they are full time, part time, actual or independent contractors.

The NFL is investigating the matter. We'll see what the outcome will be

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Adams could no more avoid him than a driver can avoid someone who steps out right in front of their car. Doesn't matter what the guy was wearing

The NFL will make lots of hay out of order to take the spotlight off how they continue to handle head injured players


Disagree, Adams could have easily avoided him. He was pissed after the game and took his frustrations out on this guy. In the NFL the " tunnel " is kept clear for sure to prevent such interactions but he lost his cool and reacted. It happens.

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