Good for Devante

I was actually thinking the same thing.


call the forum police we have a wrong user penetration, er, i mean hacked account. it’s prob his gf or wife and she’s pissed with him lol :joy:

The NFL gave the cameraman permission when they gave him accreditation to film the game.


The second view looks more like an accidental contact and the incident happened in the tunnel to the dressing room which is I think anyway supposed to be devoid of fans and media. Not crowded with fans media and cameramen and other assorted crew

Well that didn't take long... Police report filed on Adams by photographer .
Photographer files police report against Davante Adams (

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I'd actually like to see FYB come on here and verify that was actually him posting... that was seiously not a post that I can believe he made based on his prior tendencies. I know its not really relevant to the topic at hand, but Im legit wondering if he was hacked.

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At the entrance to the tunnel and the cameraman looked to be trying to get clear of the entrance.

i wonder what the photo guy’s injuries were. i was thinking maybe his equipment might have been damaged

If his equipment was damaged, his insurance company may have insisted on a police report in order to provide coverage.

Speculation, of course.


good point, never thought of that. :+1:t3:

I have a thing against general media, not specific people like the guys in the booth and panel, etc, but those who shove their camaras and mics in people faces not caring about how unpleasant it may be for the person or the bad timing.

A person is suspected of doing a certain crime and word gets out. Next thing these vultures are camped outside bringing attention to and harrassing all members of the family.

Somebody just learns that a family member had just died and the vultures are stick a mic in their face and asking stupid questions about how they feel and so forth. No such thing to the media as let them grieve in peace.

Then of course there is the paparazzi who killed Diana.

I could go on.

Anyhow, it appears from this other angle that it was not what I thought it was. I dont think either party was wrong.

But I still hate a majority of the media

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personally, i don’t like make sweeping generalizations about such large scale populations as media, teams, leagues, or different sports. i like to make my own judgments on an individual basis.

also i hate people.

I think Adams did what most of us would want to do. It must take a lot of discipline not to punch some of these guys in the face sometimes, but you just can't.


so are people who wear other teams jerseys

and no, there was no time to walk around him

and how come you think you can decide how earnest his reponse was?

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oh i like this burn

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I for one stated who in the media I specifically didnt like and what kind of things it was that they do to earned my negativeness towards them

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i know i was just pontifying like an arse lol


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side effect of electric spina… er, pain meds :face_with_spiral_eyes: