Good for Devante

Camara man had no business stepping in front of DA and shoving a camara in his face at that time. These idiots think they have licence to do what ever they want with their camara, anywhere, any time, any situation.

Raiders WR Davante Adams pushes cameraman to ground after MNF loss (

Guy got what he deserved.

Davante had no business physically assaulting the camera man. The man is protected under Freedom of the Press criteria if he a member of the Media.

Davante should be fined and apologize to the man a man doing his job

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they had no business shoving their equiptment in his face without first getting his permission, which of course they knew they would not get since his frame of mind at the time was clear.

some camara people have the same attitude that many reporters have when they claim such things as the people have the right to know every thing about everybody all the time

forget that way over abused freedom of the press crap

Devante could've walked around the camera man, but didn't. Now he's issued a half hearted explanation on why he shoved the camera man to avoid a the fine that the NFL is going to hand out to him.

The Paparazzi no matter how annoying they can be are still under Constitutional protection

Has your account been hacked ? This seriously doesn't sound like a thread or post that would've been made by the real FYB .

Devonte can’t do that. the camera guy actually looked like he may have been trying to move past him when that happened, not get in his face. i think he just happened to cross his path. there looked like a bunch of other people down there. poor on field security if anything.

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Yup . Totally agree . Basically what the OP is advocating is that it's perfectly fine to physically attack someone simply because they are doing their job .

So I guess by his way of thinking then the next time I'm out grocery shopping and a staff member stocking shelves is in my way then I have the right to toss him in the aisle then ? Ridiculous indeed to say the least . :-1: :roll_eyes:

Cameramen are part of the game and the players need to and do know this.
That being said there is a difference here in that this camera man was literally in the players face. I mean how fr@cking close did he really have to be to the player. I think the camera one inch away is just asking for trouble.

i really just think it was a field security issue and Devonte might get just get fined.

it was an emotional moment and end of a hard fought game so tempers are hot. i don’t see any evidence that the camera guy did anything explicitly wrong though. he wasn’t any closer than i’ve seen many times before during and after games.

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yea he will get a fine and the broadcast crews will get memo on stuff not to do.
All will be good and the sun will rise and set today

the poorly called RTP was the biggest issue from that game. the defensive player made a ridiculously good play on the strip sack.


Devonte has apologized for his actions

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a number of insiders have said he’s facing possible suspension. raiders have i bye next week too.

What a hollow apology . He felt so horrible immediately after doing it that he continued up the ramp and into the dressing room without a thought as to what he just did . If he was legit about feeling horrible about it then why didn't he either stop or even turn around and see if the guy was alright ?

Answer is simple really , Adams is a spoiled over paid pampered pro who thinks he can do whatever he pleases without any repercussion . All that apology was was a poor attempt at some damage control after the fact .

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Was the camera man wearing the opposing team's colours? :thinking:

they all are overpaid over-pampered spoiled brats to some degree...some can just hide better.


another angle of the incident. also it wasn’t a smart move by him and i don’t blame the camera guy at all.

That doesn’t look as bad as the other angle. The guy literally stepped right in his path. It could be argued that putting up his hands was a defensive measure or simply a natural reaction. Still, not a good look. I am good with a fine and an apology. The camera guy wasn’t completely blameless it appears. Much ado about nothing.


Agreed from that angle it looks totally different... Two guys not looking where they were going and colliding ... Gotta😀 wonder what the NFL will do now

i agree i fine is enough. suspension would be overkill. the RTP issue is bigger.

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