Good For A Laugh

Players anxiously await trip to Montreal

Michael Petrie
Calgary Herald

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stamps on the road -- a poll of Calgary players with five or more years of CFL experience.

Best city to visit

  1. Montreal

  2. Vancouver

  3. Toronto

Synopsis: No surprise here. Of the players polled, only a few have ever played in these cities, so there's probably an element of novelty. Read on to see what made them the top three. . .

Worst city to visit

  1. Regina

  2. Hamilton

Synopsis: Regina actually took this in a landslide. Consensus is that both are terrible but at least there's something to do near Hamilton. In Regina, there's nothing.

City with best nightlife

  1. Montreal

  2. Vancouver

  3. Toronto

Synopsis: The city's brilliance is well known, but the fact players lose on almost every trip to Montreal and are still able to shake the blues and enjoy the nightlife speaks of its overwhelming lustre. Plus, the action never stops. Vancouver's nightlife seems to be growing in popularity for traveling footballers.

City with best restaurants

  1. Vancouver

  2. Winnipeg

  3. Montreal

Synopsis: The feeling here was that good food could be found within the distance of a Michael Bishop long bomb from the hotel lobby. Robson Street and intersecting paths present everything from sushi to Indian food to steak to whatever. Winnipeg has a lot of hidden gems.

Best night spot

  • The Government, Toronto

  • Metropolitan Grill, Calgary

  • Sir Winston Churchill's, Montreal

  • Roxy, Vancouver

  • Strip joints, Montreal

  • Any Earl's in Winnipeg

Synopsis: These were too close to call. The eastern haunts were the most popular. With the time change and early departing flights, outgoing types are able to socialize right through the night and sleep on the plane home.

Best restaurant

  • Schwartz's deli, Montreal

  • Steak house in almost any city -- Caesar's in Calgary, Golf's in Regina, Hy's in Edmonton, etc.

  • Casa Italia, Regina

  • Tropikis, Winnipeg

  • Earl's, anywhere

  • Feenies, Vancouver

  • Sushi, many spots in Vancouver.

Synopsis: Again, a lot of restaurants got a handful of votes. Among the places that players make beelines for when the bus stops: Popeye's chicken in Toronto, Schwartz's in Montreal, My Buddy's in Hamilton. An honourable mention goes to Wes Lysack's grandparents in Winnipeg.

Prettiest girls

  1. Montreal

  2. Vancouver

  3. Calgary

Synopsis: Interestingly, no other city received a vote. There was acknowledgement that Winnipeg should earn consideration on a per-capita basis. Players also were happy to note they usually go to Montreal in the summer.

Not the prettiest girls

  1. Regina

  2. Hamilton

Synopsis: They were the only two cities to receive votes and, interestingly, also were voted "worst cities" to visit. Coincidence?

That is very funny, but very sad for Regina and Hamilton.

I've been to Hamilton, it's not so bad. I'd have to agree that Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are top 3. Calgary is also a great city.

Ha! This is pretty much what you would expect I think, though Vancouver coming out ahead of Toronto in Best Visit might surprise some. Vancouver is pretty awesome though.

I'm not sure there is a city in North America that can top Montréal, and I've experienced the soft underbelly of most of the big ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun survey Piggy! :thup:

Is my order, again it depends on opinion but damn the girls in Montreal are pretty.

Vancouver is an amazing city.

minus hastings street. lol.

Too bad this has nothing to do with FOOTBALL. If it did, Regina would be #1 in terms of having the best fans/largest fan base & best stadium atmosphere.

Vancouver is top 3 cities in the world to live in, so no big surprise about it coming out ahead here.

If they visited these cities in the winter, Vancouver would surely be tops out of Montreal/Toronto. As long as you don't mind rain, Vancouver has the most mild winters out of them all. I've experienced a Montreal winter and let me tell you I will never go back during that time of year.

A montreal winter... have you ever been to Saskatchewan in the winter? lol

Dude, my thought exactly!

Montréal winters could easily be worse than Saskatchewan's. They can get so much snow its beyond belief, and it's often so humid there that the cold will go right through just about anything. Good thing they have the Metro. Prairie winters are pretty darn bad though lol.

QUEBEC women are the "BEST"!! I should know,I live with one!!HEE!HEE!! Night life,Montreal and Vancouver are outstanding and places to eat,Winnipeg by a mile in my opinion. Good post,Piggy!

Schwartz deli is awesome, glad to see it top the list.

Regina girls, I used to think the same thing, but there is somthing in the water, because there are a ton of hot women around. I don't know where they hibernate, but once spring and summer come around, they are everywhere, and I am loving it.

Regina's hot girls just don't care for jerks that wear red, what can I say, they're smart and beautiful. We send the fatties to the stamps hotel when they are in town, and they eat it up those losers.

Can't knock the city of Calgary though, I love it, and their girls. Wish I was at Stampede right now.

my order of good cities are

If this had anything to do with football regina would be behind nunavut...

Nothing to do in Regina? but have two of the top places to go out for a great meal.

Obviously I'd pick Vancouver #1, but between Toronto and Montreal I'd have to go with Toronto based on English alone.

No city in Canada beats Montreal in the summer.

Grand Prix. International Jazz Festival, and Just for Laugh festival. All of which is known around the world, and many Americans and Europeans come to town to experience it.

Then experiencing Old Montreal on Canada Day, where at the same time the Jazz festival is going on, it’s simply amazing, and breath taking to see all the people out there, and all the nice ladies in nice suits :lol:

Winter, can be bad, but this past year wasn’t at all.
We have the Biggest St. Patrick’s day parade in Canada, and the longest Running Parade in North America.

For, me, I’ve only experienced Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver.

My order would be:

  1. Montreal
  2. Vancouver
  3. Toronto
    *In my opinion, Toronto is pretty boring. You really have to visit the subberbs to have a good time, like Burlington, Mississauga, Ontario etc

Here is my order of CFL cities.

Hamilton (never been there)