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By Mike Nixon,

An Open Letter to Ottawa Renegades owner Bernie Glieberman

Dear Bernie:

I realize that you are probably being inundated with advice right now from all kinds of different sources. But, for once, I urge you to stop listening to the wrong people and please, please, please, for the sake of what remaining football fans you have left in this city, listen to the right people. The wrong people are, unfortunately, on your payroll and have been making quite a splash recently in the media urging you to hire Bob O’Billovich from BC and, having failed there, according to the Ottawa Citizen, Paul Jones from Edmonton.

You know who these people are, Bernie. They are Phil Kershaw and John Lisowski and they are, in my opinion, the last two people who should be offering any kind of advice on football matters in this city. Is it necessary that I recount their resumes in Ottawa? Your former CEO, Lisowski, whether by design or following the wishes of the previous owners, helped put your franchise in its current state by removing Eric Tillman from his position as GM. My position on Tillman is quite clear and I do not need to repeat it. As for Kershaw, his last tenure connected with football in Ottawa was a complete disaster. As President of the former Rough Riders in 1994, he helped lead the club into bankruptcy. Enough said on him.

Look Bernie, you certainly don’t have to listen to me but, for God’s sake, tell Kershaw and Lisowski to shut the hell up. Matter of fact, please fire them. They have no business and no credibility regarding football in Ottawa. There are some quality people to listen to…Mark Kosmos is one of them. But, for once, listen to the right people. A media person who covers your club quite closely told me this and I quote: “Bernie and Lonie always, always, always listen to the wrong people�. For the sake of football survival in Ottawa please, please stop listening to Kershaw and Lisowski, get them out of any connection with the organization, and get good, sound advice and listen to those individuals.

Your next decision, Bernie, will probably determine if football survives in this city. You must not make the wrong decision. But it would make many football fans and me in Ottawa more comfortable if Kershaw and Lisowski were not on your list of advisers.

Yours truly,

Mike Nixon,

Funny thing is that Mark Kosmos most likely supports Lonie having a much reduced capacity within the team. Who wouldn't want O'B anyways? Is this Mike Nixon saying that this was a bad move to try (albeit a very weak effort) and get O'B?