Good deal in the Alouettes' store

If you buy a jersey, you get free personalisation (name and number of your choice) with promo code 2021PERSO. The deal lasts until Sunday.

I went ahead and bought a home jersey in blue.

Did you have to pay extra to get “Johnny_Ticat_slayer” on the back?

I thought name and number was part of the price

Good one!

I didn’t feel comfortable wearing someone else’s name, and I didn’t want to put my name on the jersey.

I chose the name “Alouettes” with the number 1.

You get a rebate if you apply the code. It comes out to a total of 151.76$ with the taxes and shipping.

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I get a facial tick when I think about the shipping cost to the US, but I do have an Als t-shirt.

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I already got the jersey I ordered last week. It looks great!


I also got a polo shirt and gym shorts. The clothing is well made. If you're on the fence about buying stuff from the Als store, I can say I am very happy with the service and merchandise.