Good Day to my fine Neighbors up North

An American here, more specifically a Tennessean. Just wanted to say that growing up I used to watch some CFL games, and a few Grey Cups whenever they happened to be on TV down here. Yes, I'm a football fanatic, even watching some NFL Europe games.

Also, I've happened to catch some CFL games this season on TV while waiting for the NFL and NCAA to officially kickoff, and I must commend you on the quality you put on the field. Anyway, I'm just curious if any of you guys, (and gals), keep up with the NFL and/or NCAA ? And if so, to what extent?

Thanks for your time,
and go Titans and Vols,
still analyzing which CFL franchise will become my favorite, so give a sales pitch if ya got one.

[b]Hey Smokey, welcome aboard. I have to admit I'm a Patriots fan as far as the NFL goes. I started pulling for them many years ago when Mac Herron left the Winnipeg Blue bombers to join them. I was a little kid then but remember New England was a losing team year after year.

I still have Bomber Blue and Gold in my blood. but my team is the BC Lions. You're right about the quality of the game the CFL puts on the field. It's exciting and wide open football. It's also the oldest sports league in North America.

I had to laugh when the XFL started and Vince McMahon said the CFL's best team would get blown out by the XFL's worst team every day of the week. Obviously he didn't know football and especially the grandfather of football leagues..the CFL.[/b]

I dont care for the NFL myself but but not so much because of the game but because I cant get excited over the outcome. It makes no difference to me if any given team wins or loses. Most of my friend however prefer the NFL to the CFL. There are very few who I can sit down with and discuss the weekend's games with

I pay a litle attention to the NFL(esspecially after the CFL season is done), but don't oay attention to any college games

WELCOME...... and the PATS now have , DOUG FLUTIE.

I sometimes watch the big U.S. collage bowl games and I watch some NFL, but it is hard to get excited about teams that are not in your country and/or city.

I am an ARGO fan.............and the ARGOS are 132 years old.They have also have won the most , GREY CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS.

This year, they are the defending GREY CUP champs, and every one hates , TORONTO.

They win with great defence , special teams and QB ledend DAMON ALLEN , who is the brother of the former NFL great MARCUS ALLEN.
ALLEN , has won 4 GREY CUPs and has most of the CFL's passing records............and he is still great at 42 years old.

Just to let you know that JOE KAPP, has just been named to the NFL HALL............and he is also in the CFL HALL.

People you may know who were once in the CFL........WARREN MOON , BUD GRANT , MARV LEVY[former CFL coaches] , DOUG FLUTIE, and JEFF GARCIA , just to name a few.

take care and ..............WELCOME. :smiley:

And Joe Kapp (BC Lions), Joe Theisman (Toronto Argonaughts)

The bomber's are Canada's team of choice, all other teams in the CfL are cheap knockoffs and second rate franchises. Peaple are going to post messages telling you otherwise...stay strong and and true to the MIGHTY BLUE BOMBERS...we will take great care of you....your friend hank

I am a huge fan of the NFL, and I follow NCAA to. Of course CFL is my favourite league, but.. my favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons. I really enjoy Michael Vick. He's so exciting and I think he's got one of the best winning percentages in the league right now. I know theres his critics, he can't throw the ball.. blah blah. He makes the most perfect passes when needed most. I remember one game last year against Denver where he threw for 260 yards, 2 touchdowns and no picks. And he also had a 79 percent completion percentage on the night to. And he throw the 2 most beautiful deep passes to Peerless Price, when in coverage from Champ Bailey! (He also had 117 rushing yards) And last year was only his first year in the West Coast Offence. So.. anyways..

I like the Florida Gators in NCAA. I'm a fan of their basketball to. My older brother is even a bigger fan of the Gators, and he got me hooked to them. There's about 100,000 people at each game, and I like the mascot they have. He's pretty cool. And Chris Leak is a great quarterback. Reminds me of Kerry Joseph.

I'm a fan of almost every football league. I don't like NFL Europe that much though. I've watched some old games when John Avery was in it and that's about it.

Ohhhh.. and choose the Eskimos for a football team man. The most attendance at the home games, and they got one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league in Ricky Ray. They are an air attack, alotta deep balls. And plus they probably got the best receiver in the league in Jason Tucker. And the Eskimos are also responsible for sending Warren Moon to the NFL. Warren Moon played for the Eskimos, winning a couple Grey Cups. So.. pick the Eskies.

The NFL gets exciting down the stretch when teams are fighting for playoff spots but I really can't get excited for NCAA football at all. How does a college league get as much TV coverage as it does and they even have their own video game. Geez.

Well, I don't like the NFL, but I do watch it like to watch it along while my home counties "league", the AFL/VFL. The rules in the NFL just suck compaired to the CFL.

My teams in the NFL are:

Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins
New York Giants
San Diego Chargers
New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions

Teams I cann't Stand!:

Washington R******s
New York Jets
NE Pats

Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Parkers
Arizonia [Coyotes]
Carolina Panthers

Hey man. The CFL is very exciting to watch, especially since there is only NINE teams in the league. I love the CFL and I bet you will or already have too! I also do like the NFL. I kinda follow it from time to time (plan or more to this year) but I can't stand NCAA. My favourite team in the NFL would probably have to be the Redskins because Mike Sellers (former Bomber player awhile back) played for my team - the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. 75 years! Also, I do enjoy Clinton Portis and he is my favourite back in the NFL who plays for the Skins and I enjoy watching. As for your last question in your message Smokey. If you want to follow a team, pick any one really because all CFL teams are great and very exciting. It's not like the NFL with 32 or whatever teams. I cheer for the Bombers because I grew up in Winnipeg. We have some pretty exciting players. Charles Roberts, arguably the best running backs and only at a height of 5'6" is super fast and a treat to watch. One of the best players to ever dawn the Blue Bomber jersey is Milt Stegall! He is an awesome player and is one of the best CFL players. I think he is the reason why you should cheer for the Bombers because he is such a classy person. We have a young team and are kinda struggling but our team is getting better. The sad thing is that he hasn't got a Grey Cup but we will give him one! We have a GOOD young QB (Kevin Glenn) who is showing alot of promise and will become on of the best. He is only 26 years of age. We have amazing strong receivers. Gilles Colon, CHRIS BRAZZELL, Keith Stokes etc. We bomber fans are great people (just like every other fans are) and become a Bomber fan and cheer for the Blue N Gold.

G'day and a big Konichiwa from the Kobekid!

I have to step in here to put an end to all this "pick my team because..." nonsense.

As a huge Sumo fan, I am often asked who I like best. I used to name some Rikishi 'wrestler' or other but never really felt that attached. Now I just say,
"No-one really, I just like to watch good Sumo."

I think this applies to all sports but since we are talking about the greatest summer game in the world, I'd say just enjoy good CFL football.

All this talk about 'cool mascots', 'attendance' and other crap is just infantile.

The CFL is the best football league, not due to these trivial things but because of great players and great teams....all of them!

I was born and raised in the 'Peg so I am True to the Blue. However, I listen to and get excited about each game...even the Argos ; )

So just watch as many games as possible and enjoy great football! I know I will!

Or you can pick the team with the coolest uniforms!!!

The Bombers!!! ; )


the Kobekid

I'm a huge hockey fan so while I like football, being fom the states I prefer the CFL game to the NFL. I do watch some NFL football, since we have the Ravens and you can't get away from it here in Baltimore. But give me the CFL anyday.

Welcome Smokey,
Calgary has three players from your state:

Marc Calixte - Tennessee Matin
Jermaine Copeland - Tennessee
Dan Wimprine - Memphis

Thanks for JOE…I forgot about him. :smiley:

Hey Smokey.....Im a big NFL and CFL fan. And I watch NCAA once in a while. My team in the CFL as u can guess from my name is the Tiger Cats. And the team in the NFL that i root for is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So how do u think the Titans are gonna do this year? Im expecting good things from my Bucs this season. Especially with the depth we now have at RB with Cadillac Williams. Hes gonna do great things as long as he doesnt get Injured or anything. Good day to you.

Kobekid, unless you are talking abou last seasons Winnipeg unifroms, I have to disagree with you, my Japanese friend.

The Titans will be a playoff team aslong as Steve McNair stays healthy.

Titans will struggle the first half of the yr, but should bounce back the 2nd half. not a playoff team.

Not even close. New offensive system, 3 of our top 5 WRs are rookies, with 1 of the 2 vets coming back from an ACL tear. D-line is still young, secondary is very inexperienced, and our special teams just sucks. we have some growing pains to go thru this year. a 9-7 or 8-8 season would be considered a success.

Copeland was a player while in school. If he had some more speed he would be in the NFL.

Also, for you hockey fans, watch out for my Preds this year. The new changes will greatly benefit us, and we should be a very serious contender to win the Central division.

Hey Smokey, hows the Bandit....anyway, I have been a huge Titan fan since they moved from Houston, how do you like their chances this season, most of the experts have them pegged as heavy underdogs to make the playoffs this year, not unlike my cfl team the winnipeg blue bombers, yet with any luck we could be in a playoff spot in the next couple weeks. Also, we have one your old Vol alum on our team, T Martin, so I think you should adopt the bombers as your favorite cfl team. Good luck this season and I will be following the Titans as usual and perhaps we could rap about both teams sometime.