Good chance Argos retain Chamblin

Good news for Hamilton, Montreal and Ottawa?

I hope not, that would be a horrible outcome.

Chamberlin could be back, but i think a tsn analyst said there could be major changes in the rest of the coaching

I see, it’s the HCs fault it’s his staff. If Chamberlin stays while other coaches go I have to wonder what part of the term HEAD Coach are the Argos not understanding.

If he stays as HC they don’t make the playoffs next year.

Why do you say that?

Imo: pop was the problem.

Where barker sought to scout talent
Pop wanted a free agent splash

When we had qbs to develop
Pop signed “big names”

Barker said so many times that he didnt want to build a team through free agency.

Pop tried so hard, and succeeded in making free agent splashes. With no results

I dont think barker was the gospel, but Hamilton is in playoffs and we are not.

Pop has a losing record.
Pop has a losing record
Pop has a losing record
Pop has a losing record