Good bye...............................

As this is the last game of the season, I think it's time for me to say my good byes to the following people


For all except Williams and Setta, don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!


Anyone know where Scott Mitchell (the WR) was the past two games?

Is he on the way out..IIRC, he was decent this year and had a big game versus Montreal 3 weeks ago. After that where to be found.

I wondered this too. He also couldn't hold onto the ball.

I forgot someone on my list............

-Tony "The Tiger" Miles

in otherwords, you want the door to hit Williams and Setta on the way out. What you got against those two??

It is going to be nice not having to watch another TiCat game this season. YAHOO!

yes, i want the door to hit them cuz that means that they will be dragged outta here kicking and screaming. the rest will be out so fast the door won't have time to hit them

please don't stir crap up.

:lol: :P :twisted: :cowboy:

Printers, Myles and Creehan for sure.

Lumsden could return thus forcing a Keith trade.

A major turnover in players is exactly what this team doesn't need. It's what we've been doing and obviously not working.

Good bye Setta. Hello NFL.

Tough for NML to get a good rush with our joke of a D-line.

He was fighting double teams and a bad back most of the year.

Get a more forceful D-line…a new co-ordinator and a winter of rest and therapy and then see if NML comes back next year.

You don’t release HIM now. I want to see how several of our guys do with a good co-ordinator.

You are joking right? Seriously, I am asking?!?

The rest of the d line has nothing to do with NML. Even I could play tackle against NML. He has 2 moves. A spin and fall down to the inside and outside and a run by the QB.

If he is worth keeping, he would have shown it. We tend to give Canadians the benefit of the doubt. If he was so valuable, the BC Lions would have tried to sign him.

Even during his 11 sack season last year I was not impressed.

Nautyn McKay-Loescher had a very good 2007 season finishing 5th in the league with 11 quarterback sacks and tied for 2nd in the CFL with five other players (including Cameron Wake) with 3 forced fumbles. He had a very bad 2008 season with only 2 quarterback sacks and no forced fumbles.

It is a fact that McKay-Loescher had back spasm problems at the beginning of the 2008 season. While there has been no further mention of this problem in the local media during the year, one does wonder whether the back problem has continued to negatively affect his play all season. If he can be healthy by the time 2009 training camp starts, then let him come in and compete for a position. Meanwhile, the Ticats need to sign some strong competition at both defensive end positions during the off-season.

Darrell Adams, who had a good year with 8 quarterback sacks, should be pencilled in as a starter at one of the defensive tackle positions and the other spot will be up for grabs at training camp.

By the way, in looking at CFL league-wide quarterback sack stats, there were only 287 quarterback sacks compared to 364 in 2007, a decrease of 21.2%. Can anybody think of a reason for the decline in quarterback sacks in the CFL this year?

What really scare me is Obie making trades with other teams. :oops:


Not one, maybe a combination of several?

  1. change in defensive schemes, away from rushing the QB and man-to-man vs drop and zones? AND/OR
  2. general decline in DL abilities, due to age, injuries, etc.? AND/OR
  3. general upgrading of OL, especially at tackles ? (except Hamilton) AND/OR
  4. change in offensive schemes, more running plays? quicker, shorter pass patterns?

We need Setta!

My problem with NML is he never plays contain and allows either the QB or the RB the outside. He's not fast enough to play the DE position. Basically a bust.