Good bye Westwood

Bombers have placed Troy on reserve list!! lol

Troy has been a tower of power for the bombers for many years, but the time has come for change. IMO the Peg missed victory last week because Troy mimicked a Boreham.

Maybe he either wouldn't cut his hair OR he cut his hair and like Samson, so went his talent.

Ah, time for Bud Lite presents.....what is your favorite Troy Westwood moment.


While Winnipeg was playing the Cats a few years ago (somewhere around 2000 I would guess) the game was getting chippy as it is know to do when Dave Ritchie's Bombers played the Cats.

Westwood had been talking smack to Chris Shelling at one point in the game.

Later on, with Shelling on special teams and the Cat returner going up the sidelines Shelling decides it's time for payback. Westwood is standing on the sidelines waiting for the returner in case he made it past the rest of the cover teams. Shelling comes over and drills and I mean drills Westwood right through all the Winnipeg player on the bench and into the dugout. This of course sends the flags a blazing and fights insue. I don't remember if Shelling was tossed or not, but, Westwood had it coming and although some would say that was a cheapshot I for one applauded the play.

This memory has been brought to you by Bud Lite our sponsor of ....what is your favorite Troy Westwood memory.

Whew! Glad this Setta kid is working out.

I always said that the only thing that would make me give up my tix would be the Cats signing Westwood.