Good bye Redandwhite you were a good guy

Not the poster redandwhite,I meant the guy who you always saw on t.v. wearing red and white.Bob Denver died today. Rest in peace.

Actually he died Friday. They just announced it today.

.....whoa, I thought it was me.........

.......ah, Bob Denver, classically-trained actor manifique......hope your heaven is full of coconut cream pies and Gingers and Mary-Anns.........

He was also a political science teacher

I still love the reruns of that show.

I do believe that Ginger and Maryanne are the only ones left.
The skipper is gone along with the professor and Mr and Mrs Howell

Don't you find it a little ironic that Bob Denver passed away around the same time someone asked turkeybend to do a song about the Riders to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme? Coincidence?!?

Actually, the professor (Russell Johnson) is still alive. He is quite old now, though, and doesn't act anymore.

You're right about Ginger (Tina Louise) and Maryanne (Dawn Wells) still being alive. And, though not the hotties they used to be, they still look quite good for their age!

You're right
He is alive and well at the age of 81

isn't he the rocky mountain high guy :slight_smile:

John - John Denver. . . :smiley:

and John Denver is dead as well

Goodbye, Gilligan! May you R.I.P. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.
P.S...... Bob Denver also played Dobie Gillis in another sitcom before Gilligan's Island.

Just sit right down, we’ll tell you a story… about one faithville little trip…Boy that show was a classic, Gilligan is gone, the skipper too. That show just warmed your heart. Great person that Gilligan, just wanted to please everybody and he did…your the best Bob…

and he liked to smoke Pot too 8) ..So much for my theory ( Rolling Stones control group) that you live/last longer on dope.....