'nuff said

I've been saying all season long that he would cost this team big at some point well he just cost the Als a likely playoff game and now the Ticats have the mental edge for the Semi... Glad Popp finally gets to experience it first hand. That one is on you Jim.

Popp has turned a blind eye to the problem for some time, but let's not ignore the outright incompetence that Whyte showed. It is known (accepted?) that he isn't accurate from outside 30-35, but not getting the ball across the goal-line is orders of magnitude worse than just missing.

There must be a league in which Pippin's range is interesting, the question is which girls' flag football association we're talking about.

Pop Warner football?

Get his hobbit a$$ out of here.

Thank god he refused that contract extension. Now let's see if there is consistency and fairness. Devine, Carrier and London lost their starting role for poor play.

[i]Sean Whyte sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! That smurf pippin is a 90 pound weakling with no leg!!!! Thanks a lot there Pippin for LOSING the game for us!


...We need a fire Pippin thread :?

Actually, I look forward to seeing him next Wendy's kick for a million. If the final is indoors - ie no wind and dry ball- I bet he makes the first kick.