Good bye Joe :(

Tomorrow is Joe Gallagher Last Day with The Ticats he taking a Job Back in Cincinnati Ohio
Joe is great Guy and was great Ticket Rep. The season will be same without him.
He and Kevin Walsh Always had Time for me .
Now they are both Gone :thdn:
I feel kind of Emply The ticats hire Great people and they never stay long Enought:(
I wish Joe all the best as Sure the Rest of Tigertown dose.

well said

All the best Joe. Drop us a line every now and then! :thup:

To Bob and the Ticats Ownership:

Joe is a gem, a true diamond in the rough. Offer the kid more money, title, a share in the!

Seriously, Joe was known for how accomadating he was and that he was such a hard worker.

You will be missed G-man, all the best in Cin-city!

Good luck Joe, in all future endeavors!

Joe will be missed. The Mrs.' and I always dealt with him. Good luck!

I didn't deal with Joe often, but when I did he was always very helpful. I wish him all the best.

If there is one thing I can say about the Ticats it is that EVERY ticket rep I've dealt with has always been extremely helpful and exceeded my customer service expectations. That goes right back to RL and includes Kevin, Joe and now Chris. Great job guys!