What the hell is with the play calling .... under 1:00 to go with Winnipeg driving and Glenn throws long for Stegall isn't that a bit obvious .... interception ... need I say more ,,, a real coach would run the ball for 5-6 yards pass for 5-6 yards and drive the field and the clock to get within field goal range ... unless they have lost all confidence in TROY ... who knows... expect alot of personal changes in the off season as right now is too late for us ... god forbid .... Also I say let Michna or Wynn start a game or two and see if they deserve #1 status over Glenn ... right now I am beginning to lose faith in Glenn as a Starting QB!!! YES THIS IS A REPEAT OF MY OTHER POST IN C-H-A-N-G-E-S FOR 2006!!!

Over here in Saskatchewan we had to put up with Daleys coaching for a few years and it wasn't fun. I think that we have a similar problem with Danny Barret he is a players coach and will not make a change at different positions. Up untill two weeks ago we were still starting Nealon. Crandell not doing much better but at least see what other players got. Even with our defence Jackie Mitchell has been hurt for half the season, and when he has been in he has been missing tackles and bad decisions. Then we had a rookie come in and play B.C., he won the defensive player of the week and still Jackie Mitchell is the starter. Another thing is our defensive line. We were last in the league in sacks and the young guys come in and we are in the middle. I guess that is why we cannot get over that hump and get into the Grey Cup.

All I need to say is "Finally it's about time that the revolution against Daley has begun".

Yah, the problem with Daley is that the guy is not proactive, this guy doesnt do anything to prevent disasters from happening, prime example was in the Labour Day Classic, when Holmes tore us apart again, and we didnt run the ball at the goal line and tonight they call Milts number deep when all you need are two more first downs, run the clock down, and take the field goal you FREACKIN MORON.......DALEY SHOULD BE BOILED IN OIL....MY GOD THE MAN IS A MORON..


Wynn is a very good QB. As you guys may know, there were a couple of games last year that he pulled BC’s fat out of the fire.

Wynn deserves to have his chance at starting.

cripes got a star sitting on the bloody bench....Michna....THIS KID HAS THE TOOLS..... don't be a blind Daley......give him some playing time and he'll prove it out....Wynn can't play with the injury he has right now...but when he can he should be given a fair Michna and Wynn....hate to say it but package Glenn up with Westwood and trade them for a DB. or a player we could really use in 06... as far as Tee is concerned ...third string......turn out the lights the partys over...... :idea:

The party is just beginning papa, as I will be the first to lead the parade escorting Daleys a$$ out of town.....btw agree its time to give Michna a start and see how he does.

This is just some random typing.

This Leslie Nielson look-a-like needs to go. He looks like such a log standing on the our sideline of the field calling the shots. I always wondered when times get hard on us like this. What would it be like to see dumb Daley somewhere on the street or in the car in the public life of bomberland? Does he get lumps of shit thrown at his house??? jk thats more of a rider thing.

But watching the final play on tv with that pick off. I had this sinking feeling in me, like a snoman melting. Out of all the losses i watched this seaon, this one hurt pretty bad seeing the stadium packed like that. I'm pretty sure the 29 some thousand there had the same feeling. It kind of questions me on weather to make my attendance at the lions game on thanksgiving weekend.

Well, let's see. By thanksgiving BC should be 13-0 and too relaxed from the turkey they had for breakfast, so the bombers will be a head right up unitl the final 3 minutes. Then Wally will put some kid he met on the street that he had waved his magic QB wond over and he'll lead the Lions to there 14th-in-a-row victory after throwing for the 2 point convert insted of kicking for the tie.
See what you'll miss if you don't go.

Note from the admins:
We are sorry to say SectionT has been carted off and now has a bright white new jacket with really long sleaves that tie in the back. It appears that the "Free the Fan" promo the Blue Bombers have been running was not a good idea in SectionT's case as it has caused him to take his index finger and rub it against his lips making motorboat type sounds..... Our sympathies to his family and ANY OTHER POOR B@STARDS THAT ARE BOMBER FANS.

Thank You.

lol. . . :lol:

Scream Bloody Murder Bomber fans!

go f***in blame Khari for our problems again even though hes not even on the team but its always a QB thats causing our problems isnt it, 3 straight games of 3-4 TDs with 350++ yards isnt good enough than what the hell do you want peyton manning? Defense and coaching is our problem NOT THE QUARTERBACK, but you would expect this from bomber fans everytime the team is losing its the qb, ok lets start michna then when hes losing they will cry for wynn then when wynn is lossing then they will cry for who knows what

I think you are correct, Stegallfan. The Bombers have the talent, but the coaching is substandard. You guys need a new coaching staff...but you can't have Buono...he's ours. :smiley:

i agree coaching is the biggest problem but glenn cannot throw accurately enough. i have always said that. i never wanted to lose khari although i do think we did alright with that trade. i always thought he was good though. i do not blame glenn for the loss but i want a qb that can win games for you. i would like to see michna get to start a game because i haven't been able to see him yet and this year is done anyways. yes.. i have lost faith in the blue and gold seeing the playoffs this year. now i have said it. i would like to see wynn get a fair chance as well because i think he has a lot of potential. i don't need to see martin anymore, but if he drastically improves i could forgive he past performances. he looked awful this year though.

Stegalfan ..Glenn chokes.....plain and simple.....think back to the Ham. game....needed a field goal to win ....he throws an interception.......last Sask. game....need a fiel goal to win....throws an interception.....he is not adept at adjusting on the field...I can see it in the fact my wife and I called it in the last Glenn will throw it away ...and he did......we have to face facts....he is a good QB. but only a backup....Watch the poise Michna has ...and he has played very little for us....but during that time I see this kid has the potential to be a' cool-hand luke' at the controls....what you need to be a winner...we have nothing to lose now ...give him a fair might change the whole direction of this team.... :arrow:

Oh boy, looks like were going back to the musical coaches, musical QB game, always liked musical chairs, a party favorite if your six years old. We need to get a good look at Michna and Wynn and see what they can do, Glenn is still the man, and will understand. As for the coach, I remember one of his fine comments at the start of the year , one day before they were facing the Riders, he stated that the level of the Bombers defense, is much lower than the Riders about a no confidence vote for your own D...that was a biult in excuse to lose, before the first snap..I couldn't believe any coach would say something so stupid...turnd out the boy's came in and played with no emotion the whole game., start the music Daily your first up for musical coaches.

Glen is the#1 QB but as a good coach if he is struggling it may just be a good idea to get michna in for a few reps and let him see the field from a different angle. I don't buy with the coaching theory that "we stick with one". Not in this league.
Daley is JUST NOT getting it done. period.