Good-bye Air Canada Centre - Hello Scotiabank Arena

Today is the last day for the Air Canada Centre. Tomorrow the 20 year $800 million dollar naming rights deal kicks in and the Leafs and Raptors home will become Scotiabank Arena.

I suspect I'll still be referring to it as the ACC for years.

Agreed people will still call it the ACC much like people refer to the Rogers Centre as ''the dome'.

Which is what makes what Scotiabank is paying even more astonishing.

Generally older buildings have a hard time getting Max dollars on naming rights when current agreements expire. People will still call it the old name so the new one will lose value. Hence the NFL stadium in Denver is having a hard time replacing Sports Authority.

Another reason why owners want new buildings every 30 years or so.

I understand the sponsorship and the money made from it...


Here was are stuck with the worst one
TIAA Bank Field rolls right off the tongue ::slight_smile:

But scotia bank now huh?...
Still the post office building to me ;D

Money make the world go ‘round, and in this case - makes stadiums/arenas viable.
Air Canada could have ponied up for an extension, but they didn’t.

...Vancouver fans were proud that GM Place in Vancouver was referred to as 'The Garage', until they were reminded that the garage is where the tools are kept...

It will forever be known as:


Money make the world go ‘round, and in this case - makes stadiums/arenas viable.
I hate all these corporate named arenas and stadiums bar none.


I'm amazed how many of these naming rights agreements have been relatively short term. By the time people get used to and start using the name - it changes again.

At least in the case of the Leafs/Raptors arena - the original Air Canada deal lasted almost 20 years and this new Scotiabank deal is 20 years. So lots of time for people to get used to calling it by the right name or develop a new commonly used nickname.

Some arenas and stadiums seem to change their name every few years. The arena in Buffalo is on its 4th name in less than 20 years - as as the arena the Sens play in.

Like I said "I understand..."

Still hate it .. And what do I do with it when a company you cannot stand buys the namings rights?

Does having a name on an arena honestly help people decide on who their air carrier should be?

They should just sponsor Brandon Bridge. Much better bang for your buck.

....Logic and Marketing do not exist well in the same universe...

Precisely. I've never understood the "value" proposition for the corporations paying for the rights.

In fact it may fly in the face of the "Any publicity is good publicity!" marketing philosophy, but the personal annoyance factor has acted as a deterrent to my booking flights on Air Canada.


Cash rules everything around me
C.R.E.A.M. get the money
Dolla' Dolla' bills y'all.

When Vince Carter was in his hey day with the Raps and he was leading highlights almost nightly on Sportscenter on ESPN in the USA - almost always being referred to as Air Canada - which was his nickname in part because of the name of the arena he played in - safe to say the bean counters at Air Canada were probably pretty happy with their naming rights investment.

As for the pros and cons of Scotiabank paying $40 million a year for naming rights for Scotiabank Arena - this article is a pretty good resource.

Not a fan of air Canada or Scotiabank. Can’t somebody build the, Elite BBQ Game Stadium?

...the DQ Blizzard Arena...mmmmmmm...

Scotiabank will not make any more money from this

New naming rights trickles to the minors too.

The Marlies home Ricoh Coliseum will now be known as...

The Coca-Cola Coliseum....10 year term...

No $$$ mentioned...but I'm sure a little more of a bump for MLSE

Hmm. wonder what the nickname for that will become now. I think most people under the old name referred to it simply as 'Ricoh' the last few years. What will it be now. The CCC, The co-co-co, the Coke.

And still not a clue what Scotiabank Arena will eventually be shortened to. The ACC will linger - but eventually perhaps 'The Bank', 'The Vault' or SBA?