Good Buys and Bad

3DN has a couple of opinion pieces: the Five Least Cap Friendly and Six Most Cap Friendly free agency signings this season. Both seem to make reasonable assessments of value vs money. It suggests the current GM team is doing a really good job. Two great deals (Levels, Posey), and no bad ones.

HAM: 2 good deals, 0 bad (+2)
WPG: 1 good deal, 0 bad (+1)
TOR: 1 good deal, 1 bad (0)
EDM: 1 good deal, 1 bad (-1)
MTL: 0 good deals, 1 bad (-1)
BC: 1 good deal, 2 bad (-1)

The rich get richer ....

Why do current and past EDM GMs (Sunderland, Maccioca, Hervey) always have at least one overpaid signing?

Interesting tidbit -- EDM paid more for Tuggle than we paid for Dean. How is that a thing?

Any other names you think should be on these lists?


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We could easily add Larry Dean at 110k to the good deals.
I would include not signing Mike Jones, Tuggle, Tracy, Westerman and Leonard as wise moves.

Losing Lirum, Addison and Mathews were unfortunate.

What happens with Tasker is not certain.

Have to think a qualified GM would know more than fans or writers.
Lets maybe see how the players perform before we hand out the awards for best and worst.

You might just be surprised.

Re-signing Masoli using leftover 2019 cap $$$ before Jan. 1st is what I would call a great deal!


I thought that Dean might be considered one of the "value for the money" deals but I guess there were a few more cap friendly as they were only doing the top 5. Maybe he came in at 6 or 7. Anyway the combo of Burke and Allemang has been doing a great job along with the coaching staff almost all of whom have returned. Given the strength of the team and the likelihood that they will at least get to the playoffs and possibly the Grey Cup again, some players might have been willing to take a bit less figuring they'll make up some of the difference (maybe all of it) with playoff $$. And having a great group of players and coaches (positive work environment) can go a long way to bringing in and keeping players. Making more money isn't always a plus if you don't enjoy going to work every day or don't like all of the people you work with or for.

PS - Not new to the forum but just had to set up a new account, Haven't been on for most to the offseason and there have definitely been some changes on here!