Good buy or not?

Just wondering what people think of this, just purchased from someone here in London off Kijiji

Signed Jesse Lumsden stitched black jersey, $50

Good buy? Yay or Nay

[url=] ... Z155115352[/url]

Good buy.
Take off Lumsden
Insert Johnson
You now have a CFL All Star LB TiCat jersey.

personally, I think that is a good buy.

Or go fully retro and turn it into a Lance Shields jersey! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Id say its a good buy,Jerseys are really expensive,speaking of good buys lol I have a mounted picture of Danny Mac,Damon Allen,Ron Lancaster,And the old commissioner autographed by all except the commissioner if anyones interested.
I think its from when Danny passed for 50,000 yrds.

Considering Lumsden probably signed the numbers on the back, this suggestion is not a good one...