Good article on Montreal's Kevin Challenger.

Sorry guys that I’am driving you guys crazy about this guy. Even the media in Boston is starting to take notice on Kevin Challenger. This is rare because the Boston media doesn’t give Boston College alot of press. I thought that i was the only one seeing how special he is. I hope the Montreal general manager, recognizes this. He’s a real clutch receiver.
Take a look and tell me what you think. Really making an impact down in the states.

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It's a good article Peter and I thought I'd add this guy too.


Friday, October 28, 2005 - 09:18AM

ERIC DESLAURIERS -- Wide Receiver, Eastern Michigan University Eagles

By: Mike Hogan

Who is he? Hmmmm, a Canadian quarterback who was forced to change positions after his career had already started? Has that ever happened before? That's the case with Eric Deslauriers. He was recruited as a QB out of Lennoxville and Champlain, but became a WR in his first spring camp at Eastern Michigan University and has not looked back. How far has he come? In The Sporting News pre-season college football publication Deslauriers was ranked as the #20 receiver in all of Division I. He’ll enter the 2006 draft as a co-favorite to be the first receiver taken.

Strengths: A playmaker with great hands. One scout says there's no question in his mind that Deslauriers is a better prospect than the more highly-publicized Andy Fantuz of Western. "He's not as tall as Fantuz but he's much more physical". There are definite similarities between the two, both are "go to" receivers who are very adept at coming down with jump balls. The adjustment to the CFL from four-down football shouldn't be night and day for Deslauriers as he currently plays in a system that features a pro-style spread offence. He has an explosive burst. Again, the topic of competition comes up with the Mid-American Conference (MAC) coming out on top of the CIS. Key in the clutch, he caught what should have been a game-tying TD in the dying seconds of last week’s game. The extra point was missed.

Weaknesses: Right now his lack of experience at the wide receiver position is one of the biggest negatives. "Right now he looks awkward against the zone" said one CFL scout. Deslauriers is never going to set any 40-yard records but has better football speed than stopwatch speed "He's always just fast enough to make the play" says one scout.

So far in 2005: He's played in all eight of the Eagles' games this year, hauling in 43 passes for 488 yards and four touchdowns. He started off the season much like he finished last year, very strongly. His personal best this season was a 10-catch effort against Central Michigan, however in his last two games has been held to just three receptions in each one. One of the main reasons for that is he's facing a lot of "Cover 2" defence. It hasn't been a great season from a team perspective, the Eagles are just 3-5 this season including a 55-0 pasting by Michigan.

Those in the know say: There's a chance that Deslauriers will get a look south of the border at some point, but is better suited to play in his homeland. A CFL scout says "He has real problems getting off jams and that will only get worse against bigger, stronger defenders. That's not as much of a problem in our game". It’s that inability to get off the DBs that will most likely keep him out of the NFL. Their loss should be the CFL’s gain.

The numbers say: He's listed at 6'4 but only 207 pounds. He was one of the best receivers in the Mid-American Conference last year with 84 catches for over 1,200 yards and 13 majors. The Gatineau, Quebec product was named to the MAC Second All-Star Team. He was fourth in all of NCAA D-I with an average of 114 receiving yards per game. This year, as pointed out earlier in this preview, his numbers are down a bit.

Deslauriers Destiny: A sure-fire pick in the first round of the draft. It will be interesting to see who goes higher, Deslauriers or Fantuz. Deslauriers will likely end up in the slot in the CFL, allowing him to get some additional speed at the beginning of his routes. There is a connection already in place between Eastern Michigan and the CFL. Deslauriers’ Offensive Co-ordinator and Receivers Coach is Howard Feggins, who spent some time with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after a season as a DB with the New England Patriots..

MY CEGEP... what a party!!


any weblink about the article you posted ?

Xgamer, that ERIC DESLAURIERS article is from this site, its on the main page where ,,,,aww I just got the link for you, its easier:

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thanks man, my site wasn't updated, I cleared the cache and saw the article on him, thanks anyways...

I'm starting to think that Peter6625 is... Kevin Challenger himself! :wink:

lol, no i just have an eye for talent. It just seems to me that whenever the game is on the line he comes through with a big play. I think he is not quick enough for the NFL, but with his hands, heart, and route running ability he we be a star in the CFL. The reason why i want him to play for the Als is because I'am a Boston College fan, and i love the Al's. I also look at the way the Al's fans treat Cahoon, and i think that Challenger will even get a more praise considering he is from Montreal.