Good article in McLean's

I found a link to this article on 3DownNation somewhere (maybe a tweet, maybe a post, can't remember), but it is an article in McLean's magazine about the popularity of the CFL in the USA. Here it is:


As a CFL fan and fan of the Tiger-Cats I think it's great that we are getting more fans south of the border in the United States and the CFL should do more to market the game in the US market.

The added viewers and broadcast revenue from networks like ESPN and others showing CFL games just adds to the overall excitement of the game in Canada and growing popularity of the sport and our unique game. The CFL is certainly a faster game played on a bigger field and plays get off quicker rather than the time needed to get a play off in the NFL.

Also many players in the CFL are from the US and represented from many different collage programs so it's great when fans in the US can watch a player come up through the NCAA who is now playing in the CFL.

Welcome aboard CFL fans in the United States and Abroad!!


Many U.S. fans are becoming disillusioned with the enormous egos and salaries in the NFL. The CFL is a great alternative and is especially entertaining throughout the summer. I came here following Zach Collaros, but I watched 3.5 games this past weekend and was mad that I missed the first half of the Arblows game. You have to spend a fortune to have access to all NFL games. ESPN3 carries every CFL game free for many American cable subscribers. It's funny, I know all the CFL QBs and many of the backups' names, but I'd be lucky to list 1/3 of the NFL pivots.

Spellcheck underlined "Arblows" in red - I could have sworn I added that to the dictionary!

Good call on the dissatisfaction with the NFL...the same is happening with FBS college football. Coaches earning $5 million, players getting arrested at an incredible rate (I know...they are 19-20 years old, but still....)...

I always tell people down here that one of the reasons I LOVE the CFL is that I earn more than many (if not most) of the players in the league...easier to relate to the game!

Wouldn't that still be true for US college football?
The amount of money CFL players get paid doesn't enter my mind when I'm thinking about the league or watching games.

But you could look at it as the NCAA players get a scholarship, enough to pay for education, living expenses worth at least $100,000 a year and they have the potential to make millions if they get into the NFL

But I think his point about the CFL is that there are great players who are playing the game because they love football, and they know they aren't making a lot of money doing it.

No mention of the kicking game. What's the attraction of fair catches and balls kicked into the end zone not having to be played? The result of a missed field goal can be one of the most exciting plays in the game!