Good article by Jack Todd

Just read a good article on the Als by Jack Todd in today's Gazette. For once a Montreal football writer got all the elements right. He acknowledges the accomplishments of the seasoned veterans of the Als, the coaching staff, the owner, and even Jim Popp, with whom he has had his differences over the years. Win or lose tomorrow, the Als have probably had their best season ever.

He also says, however, and I agree with him on this one, that the Als have had their problems against roll-out QBs. I won't repeat what I have already posted as to what the D should do to contain and shut down the Printers-led BC O. Like Todd, I am always a little nervous when my team is "expected" to win and the other team has nothing to lose. The Als definitely must respect what BC can do, but prepare accordingly, and come out like gangbusters. So, the team that has prepared the best and comes out with "fire in their nostrils" will take it. Should be a great game.

Go Als go!!!!

All I know is THIS team lost only 3 games this year

1- Ricky Ray, a statue
2- Jarius Jackson with some help from the officials
3- Mike Bishop, on one leg (groin injury)

But beat Burris twice

If the Als lose, that will be all out the window and will make it seem like he never said those things. He''ll contradict his whole article, like he always does.

Our boys are going to win this f.. thing and win it big. guys like Todd who come out of the woods once or twice a year and pretend to be experts piss me off.

Todd is a grade-A a-hole. I’ll never forgive his relentless ad hominem attacks on Don Matthews even when it was clear that health was a serious issue for the old coach.

Wasn't that Herb?

It was both of them. Todd never missed a chance to take a shot at the Don while he was coach, and didn't relent even after Matthews resigned.

Well, let's see our Als win BIG tomorrow!! Won't it be nice to see both of them eating a double portion of humble pie? Got my tickets on the 55 yard-line, section 239. GO ALS GO!!!!!

You know who the best Als writer is ?

Miguel Bujold, its too bad Anglo fans can’t enjoy his articles. Today he has a great piece where he questions what the Lions have done to come in to town and be talked about like favourites when the 2009 Als are one of the best teams ever in the CFL.

Here is a translation of Miguel’s piece

To listen to some people since a few days, you'd think it was the 49ers Joe Montana who landed in town. Casey Printers here, thereby Wally Buono, Geroy Simon, Paris Jackson, Ian Smart, a defense fueled the game-key (oops, that's me) ...

So, our birds are they in danger of being surprised? We will re-they shot down in the face in front of more than 50 000 spectators in our stylish stadium / hospital?

Let’s calm down a little while. At last report, this is the Montreal Alouettes have cordoned off the schedule with a record of 15-3 (exactly as you had predicted a journalist, for that matter), not the Lions. In fact, they were not even able to play for an average of .500 (8-10) - and there’s a reason for that.

True, Printers was not the quarterback during the first four months of the season. But it was the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton in 2008, and he has done nothing good against the Alouettes, whose defense is much improved over last year - we will never stop you learn, eh ?

The Alouettes’ defensive players have all said the same thing this week: the first objective is to stop the ground game, their second is to force Printers to remain in his pocket protector - it succeeds because almost all his big plays when it comes out.

Personally, I feel that the offensive line the Lions will do eat the entire defensive front of the Alouettes, and the crowd of approximately 55 000 people (again, at the request of Marc Trestman and his men: the noise is when the defense is on the ground, not the attack). Eat, I told you.

If the unit coordinator Tim Burke does not concede too long to play Simon and other recipients of the Lions - the real threat to my opinion - the partisans on the Pacific coast will talk about the Canucks in the late afternoon afternoon.

Apart from this lapse of two games where she has been guilty, as she had been praised on the left and right throughout the month and then there was no issue more visible, defending Alouettes was exceptional in 2009. And the word is perfectly chosen, she would beat the record for the CFL for the number of points awarded during a season but for this slump. And this is certainly not with 55 000 people who flirt with breaking the vocal cords shouting for her that will change.


There is however one thing that lash. Anthony Calvillo and the attack of birds have often struggled to defend the Lions. But mostly, it was at BC Place, which is of course a slight difference. Tomorrow’s Printers and Lions live the joys of being the visiting team within a dome. What? What? I hear nothing!

Calvillo will enjoy a good time to protection and, especially, will play with more assurance than he has in the past series. He must play as Anthony Calvillo, simply. He is the best quarterback in this league for two years, he did not doubt it.

The game should again be well distributed by Calvillo and Trestman. Ben Cahoon, Jamel Richardson and Kerry Watkins are all capable of being the key player of the match, but this role could well return to Avon Cobourne, which has experienced one of its best halves of the ground during the match season Vancouver (the second). And we all know what he can do by going on.

The Lions finished last against the run and Cobourne is well rested, that’s a combination that seems inviting. The Lions have interest in Jajuan Armor in a big argument, as they say in a stadium near you.

Buono is a great head coach, and there are several dangerous players - in the three phases of the game - from the Lions. But they would perhaps not even the playoffs if the arbitrators did not spoil the show during the match between two teams at BC Place. And this team is going to end a memorable season with the Alouettes?

Prediction: Lions 20, Alouettes 33

Good Read! :thup:

Yes, Miguel has come up all season long with interresting articles about the Als on La Presse, not just in the play offs. It is refreshing to see a francophone sport writer in Montreal that can talk about something else than the Habs...

One of the great things for football in Montreal, I believe, is how the Francophone population has embraced the game. I remember atteding Als games in the 60’s and 70’s when I heard mostly English being spoken. For some reason, Francophones didn’t seem to be interested in football. With the phenomenal success of Laval’s and U de M’s respective football programmes, I think the game has a good future in Montreal.

Now, if we could only see that same level of interest in EVERY CFL franchise. I would love to see packed stadia at each and every game.

Let’s hope the 55,000+ expected today will cheer on the Als to a great victory followed by the GC. Go Als go!!!

JKM has mentioned some good points in his last comment. I completely agree. The success of our university programs in Quebec has ignited a renewed interest in football for our province.

That is Larry Smith's legacy to the team. He understood the city having lived and played here, that for football to work in Montreal he would have to incude and reach out to francophones and he worked very hard early on to make that happen and still today he is one of the most beloved sports people in the city.

Popp also deserves a lot of credit for trying to round up guys like Eric, Heppell at a time when there wasn't too many people who wanted to bother with francophone football plahyers.

And that is something the Ottawa Renegades did not understand. They did absolutely nothing to attract the 200,000 francophones across the river. Their web site french side was a google translate version of the English one, filled with errors. (example "Merci à nos ventilateurs..." True story honest)