Good Afternoon Ticats fans!

How is everything in Tiger-Cats Land?

Trying to follow the team as best as possible.

So it's goodbye Keith, eh? Saw that one coming. That leaves Bob with some dough to use on other signings. No hard feelings towards Keith... it's just time to move on.

It's hot as heck over here... If anyones read the news about Khandahar Airfield... that was NUTS!

I'll be home for a quick vacation soon... going to be able to see the June 20th preseason game versus the Bombers and then it's back to the sand and poo-dust for another 5-6 months. Yeah, kind of got the short straw and ended up with an early vacation... so long stretch at the end.

Tons of 'Cats fans here! If they make it to the Grey Cup I can see there being a pretty good (non-alcoholic) party going down at the Canada House.

Taker Easy!

Oskee Wee Wee!


Great to hear from you!!!!.
Glad you are safe.
Enjoy the pre-season game. :thup:


I have some rhetorical questions for you:

In Afghanistan, when someone says "the grass is always greener on the other side", does it cause looks of confusion ? :wink:

At the Tim Hortons over there, what happens if you win a "Roll Up The Rim" vehicle ? ..... Does Tim Hortons deliver it to you there?

Is there anyone named "Sandy" there ?

When a camel spits at you, does it mean he doesn't like your Toronto Maple Leaf jersey?

Do vacation resorts offer "safe, rocky beaches" as a feature?

When golfing, how would you know where the sand traps are?

To lure pesky insurgents out into the open, has anyone thought of simply dropping cases of bottled water near suspected hide-outs or spider holes ? (that's an operational question so an answer isn't required)

Do you think a good used car salesman could sell lawnmowers over there?

........Good Luck, watch your 6 and stay low :cowboy:

...we need to know this stuff :lol:

Stay safe good fan Rusty. :thup:

Thank you for serving our nation, Rusty.

Thanks, Rusty, and good luck! :thup:

Rusty All us Fans are Proud of You
Keep your head Down and Come Back Safe

Your missed bud

Here Rus, i'm gonna make you a list of move's throughout our entire off-season to get you up to date :slight_smile:

Darrell Adams DT re-signs with the team
Otis Floyd MLB re-signs with the team
Kevin Glenn QB re-signs with the team
Quinton Porter QB re-signs with the team
Peter Dyakowski N/I OL re-signs with the team
Bo Smith DB signs with the NFL's NY Jet's
Sandy Beveridge N/I S re-signs with the team
Yannick Carter N/I LB re-signs with the team
Scott Valberg N/I WR signs with the team
Matt Morencie N/I OL signs with the team
Raymond Wladichuk N/I DB signs with the team (you may remember he left us after 2-3 games in '09 to return to school)
Lawrence Gordon DB is released
Nick Setta K/P is released
Chris Thompson DB is traded to Edmonton for Maurice Mann WR
Jason Shivers DB signs with the team
Will Poole DB signs with the team
Sandro DeAngelis N/I K signs with the team
Dan Goodspeed OL is released
Jason Jiminez OL signs with the team
Tyler Ebell RB is released
Prechae Rodriguez WR is traded to Saskatchewan for Adam Nicolson N/I WR and neg. lister Chris Williams KR
Dennis Haley MLB is traded to B.C. for Jerome Dennis DB
Markeith Knowlton OLB re-signs with the team
Dylan Barker N/I S re-signs with the team
Yahia Dalloul N/I DL signs with the team
J.P. Gilbert N/I DL signs with the team
Chris Kowalchuk N/I OL is released
Lamar Myles LB signs with the team
Corey Smith LB signs with the team
James Hargrave LB signs with the team
Brian Calhoun RB signs with the team
Jamal Flullen RB signs with the team
Kenton Keith RB is released
Ticats draft: #19 Samuel Fournier N/I FB, #22 Eddie Steele N/I DL (this years top DL prospect, was ranked top 5 overall), #27 Chris Rwabukamba N/I DB, #36 Justin Palardy N/I K/P
Lamont Reid is released
William Heyward DB signs with the team
Richie Rich DB signs with the team (suprisingly this isn't a joke lol)
Tony Davis DB signs with the team
Derek Douglas DB signs with the team
N/I DB and last years 13th overall selection Ryan Hinds signs with the team
an undisclosed draft pick in 2012 is traded to the Argo's for N/I FB Steve Schmidt
I think I got it all :lol:
Known neg. listers:
Matt Grothe QB
Jamarcus Russell QB
Chris Williams KR
Amarri Jackson WR
Reggie Fish WR
Corey Surrency WR

Cheers and keep doin what you do Rus, we're rootin for ya :smiley:

^ Matt Grothe was taken off our neg list.

Thanks, I knew I forgot something :smiley:

WOW Nice Job 15 Champ.

you know he could have just looked here

Thanks tips.Are you always this helpful?

Something that isn't mentioned on that transactions page is that on draft day, QB Alex Brink, who was on our negotiation list, was traded to WPG so that we could move up in the draft. So if you go to that preseason game, you hopefully won't see him do well.

Stay safe over there, Rusty. :thup: :thup:

15_champonships, that's awesome... thank you! Some good signings and deals!!! Might have a pretty good team this year!!!

well if you new that why wast your time typing all those out... just trying to help out lol

Hey, I have no problem doing that a) because it's fun b) if it's to catch Rus up, then it's worth it
thanks for the thought though :lol:

Hey Rusty,

That is awesome that there are plenty of Tabbies fans abroad. As other posters have already said, stay safe and thanks for doing what you do.

I can't wait for the season to start already. I am feeling good about '0-10.


My wish for this a Grey Cup and for Rusty25 and all our troups in harmsway to be there....or home watching!!!

Well said. I’d settle to have Rusty and everyone else over there, home safe, but a Cup would be nice. :slight_smile: I’ll raise a plastic cup for you and your comrades, Rusty, at the June 20th game. :slight_smile:

I just realized it’s a rare afternoon game. Time to finally bring my youngest to a game.