Gonna miss you Empire

So this must be a big weekend of football ahead... The two most active threads this week have become 'the historic origins of the banjo' and the 'is nina really tyrone after all' argument.

Is anyone else going to miss Empire Field after its gone? I certainly will once 12 rows back means 1/2 a kilometre away from the field again.

“Is anyone else going to miss Empire Field after its gone? I certainly will once 12 rows back means 1/2 a kilometre away from the field again.” ~ by Yoeleven

  • lol* I’ll miss it for sure. It will be an historic event- that last game. Who would have thought a season and a half would be played on the old site after moving into B.C. Place. It won’t happen again in this lifetime.
    That’s for sure.

I didn't think it would ever happen, but then again I never thought about B.C. Place needing reno's either. Anyway beaglehound the game on Oct. 29th vs Edmonton is still a go for my Son and I to attend. Will PM you next month as the game gets closer.

IMO the Lions and the PNE are to be commended for doing a masterful job of providing fans not only a nostalgic replication of Empire Stadium, but an awesome outdoor experience. Sure, some can gripe about porta-potties and the narrow east corridor - people will always find something to complain about. But in terms of experience, it exceeded my expectations. Awesome pre-game actitivies on the north lawn, a merchandise tent full of Lions goodies, picnic benches to sit and eat pretty decent PNE burgers, and of course the awesome tailgate parties with my friends in Lot 9. I've tried it all!

As for the game experience, I LOVED being so close to the action. I'll miss those gorgeous sunsets and the view of the North Shore Mountains, and the charm of seeing the players get high-fived by hundreds of fans as they make their way to and from the locker rooms.

I'm going to miss the place!

MY son won the BC lions Hydro smart contest for the Lions vs Argo's game he gets tickets to the game and a Lions Jersey he's really excited about it and is a big Lions fan so everyone give a big cheer for Oilerrocker JR . come and introduce yourself . I will be cheering for the Leo's tomorrow :thup: .

Having attended games at Empire Stadium with my Dad and Mom ( Who had Seasons tickets ever since 1958 right up into 1986) and having played their myself with the Meralomas and then with SFU......I never ever thought, that we would be able to go back in time......and to be able to take my own Son......to an Outdoor Game at "Empire Stadium" ......in our Life time.
In spite of the fact, that the Lions have played like S&#T since we moved back into Empire.......I have Loved every second and every Down.....of being there "again".
What a total shame it is, to be going back into BC Place again, and being able to witness first hand, the waste of money being thrown at that Lifeless Cold structure.
"WHY" is my question?
The CFL is an Outdoor game.......to be played in realistically sized Outdoor Stadiums, comprised of seating for 30, 000 to 35,000 MAX.
The NFL would have a tough time, filling BC Place, not to mention a lowly 3rd place.... at best, CFL team comprised of players like Angus Reid and Dean Valle. lol
We Loved going back to Empire "Stadium"......but......like come on!........the PNE Burgers? and anything else the PNE touched and sold, was Total CRAP!
We came back to the Lions.......ONLY.....because of them playing at Empire again.
Will we, renew our Seasons Tickets for next year?
Most likely NOT!
Empire was a Great experience in Nostalgia.......BC Place is a Tomb.
The BC Lions Front Office did absolutely nothing, in making sure that their Season Ticket holders......were given a Private and "Special Tour" of the New Stadium, prior to the First Game being played there.
The Lions could have done something Special for it's Fans, who PAY the Bill for them, to even exist.
The seating at Empire for that First Year, was a Total Gong Show.....due to us...the Paying Season Ticket Holder, not being able to sit in our seats, to have a look at the view...."Prior" ...to the First game being played there.
The Posts at Empire were a Nightmare, for the Lions.
Of course, we have No Posts blocking our views at BC Place, but......it would be a very nice touch and gesture by the Lions, to have the Season Ticket holders, be able to sit in their seats and check them out and view the New Stadium...."Prior" to the First Game being played there!
The Lions Customer Service or the Lack of it, is the sole reason, that we will not return again, next year.
BC Place Stadium ( Not the Lions!!!!) had an Open House for the "PUBLIC" about 2 months ago now......and the Lions tried to sell us ( The Season Ticket Holders) on the idea.........that the Lions were doing something Special for their Season Ticket Holders.....by announcing to us, that "THEY" were having an Open House........with just Two days notice of the actual date. lol
Pretty Low and Cheesy of the Lions.......not to do.....their own thing!
Ever since Bobby Ackles left us, the Lions have gone rapidly Down Hill, in their Customer Service, and in their product on the Field.
Will we miss "Empire"......."YES"........BIG TIME!
Will we miss, BC Place and being Season Ticket Holders, and the lack of any Professionalism in the Lions Front Office........"NO"!
We LOVED....."EMPIRE"........but......hated the PNE CRAP FOOD, and their prices for that "CRAP"!!!!!

I really think they need some competition to improve there product (food), all they have to do is head down south to Seattle and see the food venders around Safeco and how much better and cheaper the food is.

Hey Oilerrocker! Congratulations to your young one. I'm sure he'll wear his jersey proudly. What an exciting time it will be for the both of you.!

So let me get this straight Backer, 'cause I'm losing track of all your likes and dislikes.

Likes - Empire
Dislikes - The posts in the way, the PNE food, and their prices

Likes - .....errr....Empire
Dislikes - BC Place (even though you haven't even seen a down played in the new facility), BC Lions Customer Service, their Front Office

Am I missing something? :roll:

I am not an apologist for the BC Lions Customer Service, but I do know that hundreds of workers and working around the clock at BC Place to get the place ready for September 30. They already lost an entire afternoon's work while the public toured the placed. Now you're asking them to give up more time while BC Lions season ticket holders get a tour (of course, we get one, you can bet the Whitecaps will want one too)? What is so important about getting a "private tour" (for 19,000 people?) that you couldn't have had July 31st?

WE Had A Blast! right down on the field got some great pics of my son and LEO. everyone was just awesome. The seats they gave us were right up front. a lot of the players kids were sitting around us having a ball. It made me realize that not only do the players form relationships with other players but so do the families. Really cool when GS scored his TD he ran over and gave the ball to his son priceless moment wish I could have had the camera ready. we stayed after the game and shook players hands and got some autographs great day all around. I Love the CFL.

While we didnt have any issues with posts in the way of our seats or anything else at Empire, some friends of ours did; and frankly I have to agree with you Backer. From listening to their saga, customer service has gone downhill since the Waterboy. Although I am sure finding great executives for what CFL clubs can afford to pay them is likely the toughest job of all. Ackles didnt come back to us for the money.

If I may say this, their is a big difference between BC Lion staff and the PNE staff that handle the crowds at Empire.

Rhymes with Orange?

You state, that you have lost track of our likes and dislikes, when it comes to either the Lions Customer , us leaving Empire, the really Low Quality Crappy Over Priced PNE Food, and our move back into the Tomb? lol
????......Not really too sure, how much "Clearer" we could possibly be, in regards to the Posted question.
Your defense of the Lions, the PNE food, and us going back, to the same "Old" yet... some what "New"? Stadium, makes us think, that you must have some connection with the Lions?
Once again, the question was in regards to us missing Empire or not, and we were just expressing our own views, on leaving Empire behind.
As far as customer service goes, the Lions are doing anything "but".....an Above and Beyond service, in regards to their own Season Ticket holders, who are footing the bill for their own entire existence.
We are not the NFL, where 99.9% of their revenue, comes from their billion dollar TV contracts, from the TV networks, that actually know how to cover, and televise a professionally played game.
The CFL and the Lions, are dependent on their Season Ticket Fan base, in order to survive.
Whether we are happy with the Lions or not, is not the question or the problem for us,......but.....whether the Lions are able to retain our interest, and our commitment to renewing our Seasons Tickets again for yet another year, is what the Lions and yourself, should be focused on.
Forums like this, are are an excellent sounding board, to get the message across, that we ( The Season Ticket Holders) are not Happy with their lack of Customer service, or with their concern about improving their own product, both on and off the field.
I am sure, that each and every ( Blue Collar) hard working Tradesman and employee, who is being "Forced".... to work those long hours and the long days, would love to have two or more days off in a Row, in order to spend some quality time with their own kids, families, and friends......while having the Season Ticket Holders......of both the Whitecaps and the Lions, have a Private Tour of the facility, that their Season Ticket money and Tax money is going towards.
Having BC Place...Opening up......for just the Public to tour the facility, and then.... at the last possible moment, having the Lions informing the Season Ticket holders, that they are welcome to come on down for a Tour......is so frigging "BUSH League"!
We have seen, more than our fair share of Snaps and Downs, being played at the OLD BC Place Stadium, and what with a New Paint Job and a New Roof, with a Tiny Opening in it ( And calling it an Open Air Stadium LOL).........we are supposed to be "Impressed" or totally "Blown away" by that?
Having the Lions "Front Office" show some "Class" for once, and do things "Right"......"For Once", would have been a nice touch, shown towards the Season Ticket holders,.......who are footing a Big portion of the Bill, for the Lions and for the CFL to even exist.
Moving back........to BC Place........is not an attraction for us.
Same Old........is not very appealing.
A Pig in a Dress.......is still a Pig!
Have they moved the seats........closer to the Field?
Have they discovered a way.......to FILL each and every seat, so that it does not feel as if we are the Only Ones there?
Does the New Roof.....actually Open Up........"all the way".......so that we are actually sitting in an "Open Air"......."Outdoor" Stadium.........with views of the Down Town Skyline and the Mountains?
So.........do tell me.........what are we supposed to be, Excited about?
What have the Lions and the "Front office" Staff done, for the Season Ticket holders......in order to make us want to renew our Tickets, for next year?
A little "Class" shown, and some Thought displayed towards the ones.......who are footing the Bill, would be a good start.....in getting some renewals!
The Lions really miss Bobby Ackles!

Old Empire was a necessity. No where else to play while the new-and-improved BC Place was built. The team's record at Old Empire was similar to the Lions' record in Empire in the old days: too few wins, too many losses, nice view to the north during summer, windy and rainy in late fall.

Can't speak to the food at Safeco Field, but if it is cheaper and, hopefully, better than what was available in then old BC Place Stadium it seems a good idea to study their food services model and adopt it if possible. There are likely practical problems with trying to do it: aren't their food services people (not the teenybopper servers, but the people who actually make the food) unionized City of Vancouver employees? Food made by $20 per hour employees is bound to be more pricy than by $10 food services personnel. Don't get me wrong: I'm not anti-union, just stating the obvious.

Got my ticket for Sept. 30th against the EEE: the evil Eskimos from Edmonton. Can't wait to check out the new, wider seats with cupholders and the improved sound system.

Against Calgary tomorrow we need the D to be about as effective as they've been the last month and definitely get better red zone production from Lulay and the offence. And have a good game on special teams, especially punt/kickoff coverage. It would help our cause, particularly in the red zone, to have an effective running game the keeps the opposition's front seven guessing. Last week's 53 gallop by Lulay made out rushing stats look better than they would have without it. Tough to do that against the team with the best record so far, who also have one of the best front sevens in the league. My fingers are crossed.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I believe that the security staff are the same staff at either park. I heard from a friend that this is true. The concessions would be different.