Goltz starting for Winnipeg on Friday

Maybe a chance for some evalatuion. For the teams sake I hope he does well, they need a QB they can rely on.

Like it or not, Buck Pierce just doesn't finish games.

You should be happy,the 'STRAWMAN" actually played 4 games in a row,must be a record for him,once they fix his Fragile sticker,and but him back together with bailing wire and scotchtape,he'll be good to go for another game or two.If getting injured was an olympic sport he'd definetly win the gold medal!!! instead of putting his name on his jersey,just replace it with FRAGILE....hmmmmmm even has a ring to it....AT QB......BUCKY FRAGILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :roll:

I heard when he comes back he is going to wrap himself in bubble wrap and wear a red shirt over his jersey in games.

Pierce is a competitor, but I’m hoping the Buck Pierce era comes to an end. He’s had a lot of concussions…

As for Goltz, here’s the write up on his college career:

Occidental Tigers (NCAA Div.III): Goltz was a three-year starter at Occidental College and led his team to an undefeated record as a senior. He completed 66% of his passes for 1,832 yards and 11 touchdowns against just three interceptions while also adding 599 rushing yards en route to leading the Tigers to their third SCIAC championship in four seasons. Goltz was named the 2008 Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year. He attended minicamp with the Detroit Lions upon graduation.

Being a Cat fan,Goltz has me a little worried,he just could be your q.b of the future,and an unexpected spark for your team this year.Like i've been posting elsewhere the East is shaping up as the worst division in CFL history.I'm sticking to my prediction that NO team will end up over .500 and that 6 wins will get you a play-off spot and even home field advantage.


TORONTO 8......10.....16
HAMILTON 6......12.....12
WINNIPEG 6......12.....12
MONTREAL 5......13....10


SASK 15......3.....30
B.C 14.....4.....28
CALG 13.....5.....26
EDM 5.....13....10

don't be fooled by my placing HAM. in 2nd,could very well be WNP/MTL,just me being a homer and hoping :lol: anyways agree or disagree....I'll bet anybody out there anywhere no .500+ in the east this year. :thdn: :oops: :cry:

I say hamilton finishes in first above five hundred. Toronto doesnt recover from a wounded ray and missing kackert. Be lucky to hold onto second.

Pierce has never been one to stay healthy very long, but he's usually played at a respectable level for that short period he actually plays. This year he's just not very good, even when healthy. Goltz has looked okay in the short yardage package, and he really can't be much worse than Pierce so I think it's a good call.


Could be especially interesting if Mitchell gets the start for Calgary. Any word on that one yet?

Sounds like Glenn but not confirmed !

I hope it BLM starting against Goltz. Sounds like Glenn is out and Tate could go but........ SO go with BLM, a no brainer to me. Rookie against rookie, besides Tate will only break his neck.

A Goltz vs. Mitchell matchup would be great to see. Here's Mitchell's college wrap. Mitchell played in Division 1 while Goltz played in Division 3...I'm wondering why Mitchell went undrafted...

Mitchell spent two seasons (2010-11) with the Eastern Washington Eagles. He led EWU to its first national title in football when the Eagles won the 2010 NCAA Division I FCS National Championship with a 20-19 comeback victory over the University of Delaware. Mitchell was named the game’s Most Outstanding Player after throwing three touchdown passes in the final 16 minutes of the game. Mitchell led the FCS in four statistical categories in 2011 including passing yards (4,009) and touchdown passes (33) on his way to breaking four school records. Mitchell’s mark of 4,009 passing yards is a school record. He won the Walter Payton Award as best offensive player in the FCS and also was named the Big Sky Conference Offensive Player of the Year. Mitchell was named to seven All-American teams in 2011, including six first-team honours. In 2010, Mitchell earned All-Big Sky Conference honourable mention and was named to the Big Sky All-Academic squad after starting 14 of 15 games for the Eagles. Mitchell started his college career at Southern Methodist University and spent two seasons there (2008-09), starting 19 games and throwing for 4,590 yards, 36 touchdowns and 33 interceptions. Mitchell had six 300-yards passing games and six contests with at least three TD passes at SMU.

A little more on Mitchell:

05/02/12 - Eastern Washington quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, the 2011 Walter Payton Award winner, signed a free agent contract with the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL on Monday. Mitchell participated in a CFL mini-camp earlier this month and went undrafted by the NFL this past week. The 6-foot-2, 210 pounds native of Katy, Texas, was named the outstanding player in the FCS as a senior, throwing for a nation's-best 364.5 yards per game and 33 touchdowns. Mitchell played for two seasons at SMU before transferring to Eastern Washington. He threw for 11,595 yards and 106 touchdowns during his collegiate career. The CFL has been a particularly good landing spot for former Big Sky Conference players, including Eastern Washington linebacker J.C. Sherritt, the 2010 Buck Buchanan Award winner who along with Mitchell led the Eagles to the 2010 FCS national championship Former Old Dominion defensive lineman Deron Mayo, from Hampton, Va., also was set to sign a free agent contract with the Stampeders on Monday. Mitchell and Mayo will report to rookie camp on May 30. - The Sports Network


And some more on Goltz:

His on field work, complimented with the preparation demanded by long time Oxy head coach Dale Widolff, prepared Goltz for the challenge ahead, which did not go unnoticed by Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. “I don't think he was out of place. I've been around a lot of NFL training camps, and you worry about a guy when he's coming from a small … (school) … like Occidental. But I think he came in and he did well out here."

A year later the preparation he received in college coupled with his NFL experience caught the eye of former NFL head coach Dennis Green. "He came to two of our camps and was very impressive," Mountain Lions coach Dennis Green said in a release. "He was a two-sport athlete in college and is a big, tall guy with a really strong arm."

The Mountain Lions kick off the 2010 season on Saturday, September 18th, as they travel to Hartford, CT to take on the Colonials.


Here's a good story on Goltz:


So because one team is starting their back up ,the other team should do the same even if their no 1 is ready to go :roll: :roll: :roll:

I don't think that's a good strategy, but it would be great to see Mitchell in action. He's got great credentials.

What a mess at QB in Calgary right now dressing one healthy and two injured QBs on the active roster. Seemingly they don't want to put Tate in at all for risk of further injury and given the fact he can't stay healthy why would they throw him in there if he's not 100%, so that begs the question why he's even dressing to begin with. And I don't believe Glenn has even practiced this week, has he? Even if he happens to get the start he's not 100%. So if they start BLM and he gets injured, what do they do? Glenn? Tate? They have another QB around but I believe he's on the 9 game. I don't know why they didn't find another body for the PR at least when Tate went down earlier. Just a strange situation I think.

Nooooooo, I read the article that said Tate "could" go but might not be 100% and with his injury record why would you put him in if he is NOT 100%, I don't consider Tate a #1, he hasn't lasted long enough to be anointed as far as I'm concerned.

So lets use your logic kasps. Tate is not 100% but lets play him, after all he is the #1. Glenn is gone for who knows how long. so Tate goes in gets hurt even worse, really trashes that arm. Now Tate and Glenn are toast which leaves BLM. I think resting Tate until deemed 100% is the wise thing to do, especially since the game is against the Bombers, who also are have to play a rookie. :roll:

Here's a link I read on Tate suggesting he many not be a 100%

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Calgary/2013/07/24/20998816.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 98816.html[/url]

Good points, but I think Tate is on the cusp of being 100%, must have been what Huff is thinking, although they are likely hesitant to put Tate in even if he appears to be good to go, well because he's DT, so if Tate goes and gets hurt, which is a high probability then BLM is there guy anyways. So rest Tate to be 100% sure he's ok.