Golisano interested in buying Bills

From the Canadian Press:

Amid fears the Buffalo Bills could relocate to Toronto, billionaire Tom Golisano has had numerous discussions about purchasing the franchise and keeping it in the community.

Golisano was careful to note that Bills owner Ralph Wilson has maintained he has no intention of selling the franchise. The concern is what happens after Wilson dies because the 89-year-old has no plans to keep the team within his family.

Those fears have arisen once again after the Bills, starting this year, will play annual regular-season games in Toronto through 2012. The Bills have insisted the games are necessary to expand their market and generate additional revenue to help secure their future in Buffalo.

The Rogers/Tanenbaum group will just offer more, they have funds that are much higher, I think anyways, than Golisano but to be honest, I don't really know.

It says he's a billionaire! Once you hit that status you can pretty much do whatever you want! I don't think anyone will take the team out of Buffalo if people like him do not want it to leave.

I hope you are right geo!

On todays CKNW Sportscast, Rick Dhaliwahl speculated that David Braeley and Bob Young are working behind the scenes to keep the NFL from permanatly moving to Canada.

No facts or substance, just speculation, but you know that old saying, where theres smoke.......

Can you imagine how bad the on field product will become (and it's not very good as it stands right now) if Tannenbaum and Rogers got a hold of it?

The only successful franchises in that city are lacrosse and the Argos.