Golf season 2024

Definitely. He’s had a great major season but 6 wins regardless of the tour is pretty incredible

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Of course it’s hard to compare and it depends on what weight you want to give to non majors. Boring Scottie has had a great major season (and even better non major season) but one man has had a better major season and that’s Bryson. Very close to winning all 3.

If Bryson had a couple Liv wins one could attempt to compare, but 1 Major each and 6 wins to 1 is no discussion.

Cumulative major scores doesn’t make up 5 wins on any tour.

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I look at it differently as do many others. Wins on the PGA and LIV tours are nice and pay well, but at the end of the year and at the end of someone’s career majors are ultimately what a golfer is judged by. I certainly look at it that way.

Bryson has been the best golfer in the majors this year, even though Scottie won the Masters. We’ll see if anything changes after the British Open.

I said historic season.

You’re talking about major season.

They’re literally two different things.

Not sure I follow you. What I’m saying is that only majors really matter. The rest is window dressing. Ask Tiger.

Not sure what hard to follow.

I said he’s had a historic season. He has 6 total wins including a major, which is always the barometer for a players season. Bryson has 1 total win which is also a major.

Cumulative score in major? Let’s ask Tiger how much that matters.

I won’t belabour it any further, but for me the best golfer in the majors is the best golfer at any given time. That’s why I say Koepka is the best since 2017. Five majors and no one else with more than two. And he missed two years. Bryson is the best golfer in the majors this year, but look at it however you wish. That is my view.

I guess you don’t think much of Dan Marino never winning a SB. And Milt never won a GC. Crash’s argument holds more weight at the end of the day compared with yours IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, both of you hold great arguments on this matter, but Crash wins the race as far as I’m concerned. But not hands down, for sure.

You are entitled to your opinion, but I would say that golf is different than other sports. You are judged far more by the majors you have won. It’s been that way for 50 years at least, probably longer.

Other athletes are still judged as being lesser if they haven’t won the big one, just not as much as golf. Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier and Crosby all led their teams to multiple Cups. As great a talent as he is, I don’t know how many times at playoff time it is mentioned that McDavid hasn’t led his team to a Cup yet. That could of course change tomorrow. Marino and Stegall (the GOAT) often are still mentioned in conjunction with never winning the big one. Not Michael Jordan though.

There is a large difference though. Hockey and basketball players have a far greater influence on their teams than baseball and football players as there are only 5 players playing at once. In football there are 11 or 12 and really only the QB has a huge influence (Marino in your example). A wide receiver, even if he is the GOAT like Milt has far less influence, particularly if he never had a great QB like was the case for Milt. Kerwin Bell was the best QB he ever had as I have said many times.

But all of these sports still require teammates to perform. Not so in golf. It is all you. Perhaps that is why golf majors are emphasized more than the title in any other sport. There is nothing to debate about whether you are good enough to win the big ones. You are or you are not and nothing else really matters when your legacy is looked at. So the comparisons between golf and other sports are comparing apples to pork dumplings.

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Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Meaning each fan can choose how they want to see this, for themselves.
But you do provide a very strong argument I must admit. Golf is a different beast, yes.
BTW, can’t one eat apples and pork dumplings at the same time? Now I’m craving pork dumplings for dinner!

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A summary of this week in golf:

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More on the nutbars that charged the green on the 18th at the Traveler’s yesterday.

I still can’t believe they didn’t evacuate the area and that they sent out the hired help to mop up the potential anthrax with towels and that Scotty stood right beside the location of the potential terrorist attack holding his newborn baby. Back out into the real world today and everyone I have discussed it with was flabbergasted by this as well. Total radio silence everywhere. There is no way that anyone in authority could have determined that the substance spread around was benign just by looking at it. I guess in the States the thinking goes that if you can’t shoot it there is no danger.


To your fine point, I made a point in another thread with regards to the importance of knowing the facts of history, especially 4 or more generations after the events (i.e. that which was experienced by one’s eight great-grandparents and older generations).

My fellow Americans forget far too many things too soon, including in this case what was at hand in 2002 not long after 9/11 and even more recently in the summers of 2020 and 2021.

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Just had to post a link to this almost unheard of feat:

Equally unheard of:

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The US Sr Open final round is supposed to be on Golf Channel, it’s not. TSN doesn’t have it and it’s not on TSN+.


McIlroy back at 'er this week. British Open next week.

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I hadn’t even realized that Keegan, whom I have always liked, was yesterday named Ryder Cup captain for next year. An unusual choice given that he is only 38, but I suppose the cupboard remains pretty bare without the resolution of the rift in the sport. Phil would easily have been the logical choice, even over Tiger, who has never been much of a captain and was a poor President’s Cup captain. Luke Donald will captain Europe for the second time in a row. More insight on Keegan and the entire process in the article below:

Brooke Henderson playing in the LPGA’s 4th major of the season this week. She has previously won the Evian Championship and finished second last year.