Golf: A summer Olympic "sport"

:o...whoa, that would be awesome...

Why not combine the two?

Medieval biathlon!

My shovel is bigger. :wink:

Never had a problem with Casey Martin's using a golf cart . The walking in-between shots has never been about the actual hitting of the golf ball .

I would argue any benefit gained by the cart are lost on the effect that the golfer does not carry his own clubs and walking may actually offset a bad shot by literally walking off it's negative affects with a little physical activity . Sitting and stewing about it may mess up your rhythm but proper scientific studies would be more conclusive .

I personnel enjoy the game more when I use a cart . When I was younger I couldn't care less about a cart and enjoyed carrying the golf bag . I am just as bad a golfer as I ever was whether walking or driving a cart .

I've read that on a typical 18 holes a golfer is walking over 6.5 miles. With me it would be much more than that because I'm so bad at golf I'm criss-crossing holes multiple times often end up being on the wrong fairway. lol

And believe me by the time I get to a 17th or 18th hole without a cart - I'm exhausted. lol

Much easier game when there is a cold one in the cup holder of the cart .

as far as golf goes re the other thread. It is my belief that a person can be a barrel belly with high percentage of body fat, not be fit aerobically, and still be good at golf. One can use a golf cart and have a caddy and only need to perfect the swing and analyze which club to use, as well as deciding have much force and what direction. This to me does not meet the definition I was trying to come up with in the other thread

of course when one chooses to walk and carry their own bag, they get exercise, but is not a requirement for sport, or to win the game of golf. IMO