Golf: A summer Olympic "sport"

I am thoroughly disgusted

might as well add darts, billiards, poker and tiddly winks

Let me guess - you don't like the sport of golf?

Golf and curling pretty much the same athletics . I would say golf is much harder as a technical sport . I mastered curling fairly quickly while golf is a never ending day of smack the ball and curse .

I don't like the GAME of golf being called a sport.

Go play 4 rounds of golf every weekend for the next 3 months on a regulation course and tell me it’s not a sport.... and you have to walk & carry your clubs too

so carrying the groceries home is a sport as well?

Stupid comparison... unless you carry groceries for hours on end everyday

Thegolf swingusesat least 17 muscle groups in the coordinated movement of the hands, wrists, arms, abdomen, and legs according to astudy in the British Medical Journal,

Sounds pretty sporty to me.

but now you are just talking degrees or length of exercise.

...okay, but what about pick up hockey? bunch of beer leaguers playing and not trying to die of a heart attack on the bench...I'd see this type of hockey as a pastime, not a sport, yet at the NHL level it's clearly a sport...same goes for golf in my opinion...

we use a lot of muscle groups in everyday life, shoveling snow, mowing the grass, moving furniture up the stairs, etc. Did they happen to do a study on these such activities?

I consider any hockey at any level to be a sport.

…you haven’t seen me play…

[b]FYB wrote:[/b] so carrying the groceries home is a sport as well?
It sure can be if it's done in a competition competing and practising to become better than your opponents. You are using your muscles that will require training to be your best. That's what sport is about. Like hot dog eating contests, that is a sport, you have to practise and then compete using throat muscles to get the food down. Not all sports require you to raise your heat rate to your maximum. And I'm being serious, hot dog eating contests are clearly a sport that require muscular training. Chess, on the other hand, isn't a sport, you need no training of your muscles to win, simply the use of grey matter to win. Big difference.

Ok, I need a winkie, maybe real cerebral games like chess do use some muscles to "get the job done" if anyone can tell me, please post. :wink:

Sport is more inclusive than a game like chess, sport uses both cerebral, out of default of course, and to be a sport, muscular training and dexterity, practised to become proficient in a competition.

I think the Chess thread in this "Other Leagues and Sports" should be eliminated from here, albeit there are chess leagues come to think of it. :wink: You nerdy chess sorts here, take your high falutin intelligence and get "outa here". :-*

Your post reminds me of the new commercial.... its hilarious!

I haven't seen many coaches working at sports academies to help people perfect their snow shovelling technique or correct their grip and wrist action on the lawn mower while cutting the grass. I've had friends who have spent several hundred and in some cases likely thousands of dollars on coaches or golf club pros to help them work on their golf swings with weeklly lessons and hours and hours of practice and even things like super slow-mo video evaluation of their swing.

I even know that some have had gym workouts designed to enhance their swing by strengthening the specific muscles being used. etc. (Yes some of my friends are quite competitive (and pretty good) golfers).

Pat must not know about the World Championship Shovel Races..

that is a groin injury waiting to happen

Now what about Archery? ..
Thats just all skill..

Now what would be really cool is if they made jousting an olympic event. I'd watch that

Or maybe something worse in that part of the human body!