Golden Post deal of the day

reebok touchdown atlantic shirts for $2.... just sayin, i got 4

I'm tempted to buy them, just so the next time I'm at Roger's Centre I can throw them at imitation Argo fans so I don't have to look at them sit on their hands without any gear on.

What are you talking about...


main page of has a link to the "GOLD POST deal of the day" it's all clearance i'm guessing. but there's a new item every day so sayeth the page

Ticat store is clearing out old inventory. Like Firesale clearing out. Pretty much most of them items I've seen have been one off event shirts, like old TD Atlantic shirts, Hip Concert shirts, NHL stuff the store briefly ran with when they were up at Limeridge and old Ticat style T-shirts.

As far as the Argos comment, I'm serious. Nothing infuriates me more then going to Toronto and seeing so called "Argo fans" at the game in street clothes, barely cheering, showing zero investment in the team. At least when I see Hamilton fans not decked out in gear, they are invested in the game.