Golden Opportunity Squandered by Buono

Unbelievable. After the missed Congi field goal in OT, the Leos had this game in the bag. What was Buono thinking. Unbelievable. Run a few plays, and kick a field goal. It was in the bag. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!

Not only that, but why did he keep DD in so long? Pierce could have had the game won well before OT.

Worst bit of coaching by Buono all season.

The only good thing about it is that the Esks have even a bigger job ahead of them now.

I'll concede the delay in bringing in Buck Pierce as it is always a tough call as to when that move should be made. I think DD passed 17 for 26 and 97 yards and Pierce 6 for 9 and 62 yards. Hmmmm maybe the move should have been earlier.

This wasn't coaching that made the decision to have McCallum punt on first down in OT. It was ARROGANCE on the part of the Head Coach and no doubt Liontamer ST coach Mike Benevides. ARROGANCE in wanting to show Danny Barrett that he made an error in letting Paul M come to BC. There is simply NO other way to look at this as there was very little positive in the decision.

Wally should be cut some slack although it'd be nice if was man enough to admit he and Liontamer Benevides blew the call!! But Wally won't and will continue to say that the kick was shanked ergo it was McCallum's fault.

There was no reason for the Lions not to run at least a couple conservative running plays. I'm still p/o'ed at how the O/T played out. If they were gonna be beat, be beat honestly. For Buono to effectly risk the game on a proverbial roll of the dice makes no sense.