Golden Fleece & the Black Sea

I thought the following is quite humourous as found on the American Soccer News at … oney.shtml Sorry for starting another thread on this topic but I thought this piece deserved it:

"Also on Monday, it was reported that the Toronto Argonauts decided not to join the Canadian Soccer Association and York University in building a new stadium. Apparently that takes some of the air out of the slam-dunk Toronto MLS proposal. Instead, the Argonauts announced an expedition to the Black Sea in order to recover the legendary Golden Fleece.

I was startled to read that the Argonauts, a sort of modified rugby side, have been around for 132 years. That makes them older than all but the very oldest English professional soccer clubs, and three years older than any surviving baseball team, and only a few years younger than the nation of Canada itself. This has nothing to do with anything, except that given a 122 year head start, they still barely outdraw the Los Angeles Galaxy."