Gold TC helmets for labour day woot!

[url=] ... elmet.html[/url]

I like it! :thup:

Lovely! But the cages should be grey. I know! I know!

I'm a party pooper!

But the whole idea is to be historically accurate! No?

The only one's that'll be seeing their cages up close is the Argo's :lol:

LOL!! Good one!

They look awesome. Always thought our unis were the best in the league! Finally they got the retro helmuts right.

Those are very nice helmets. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Some retro music to go with them over the PA system and things will be perfect :twisted: :rockin:

Interestingly enough, the Tiger-Cats wore those helmets for one season only. 1965, a year in which they were crowned Grey Cup champions.

Oops! Can't say I'm impressed with what the 1965 helmet logo appears to "say" when it's combined with the 2009-style chin strap: ... elmet.html

Since Mightypope has mentioned the helmuts came out in 65. I was checking out music in that year. How about " Shotgun"-Jr Walker and the Allstars, or "My Generation"-The Who, which also came out in 1965.

Yup, that's why they honoured the 1965 Grey Cup winning team at Ivor Wynne on the previous retro night when they wore those old unis and logo.

I don't care if they wear coon skin hats and ballet slippers, as long as they win.

They Look Great :slight_smile: :thup:

Gotta love those retro helmets that the Cat's will be wearing for the next two games. The retro outfits will look a lot more authentic with the helmets. :cowboy: :thup: :cowboy:

I love the retro helmets.....even though this is the second thread about


There are Great Looking Helmet

Cool :thup: :rockin:

U-G-L-Y. I really hope they do away with these retro games and special uniforms. Just play in the team's damn home uniform. There's a reason why they don't wear those anymore. They're garbage, that's why.

Love 'em! This’ll make up for the first Retro fiasco!

TiCats in gold lids for the first time since the 1985 Grey Cup… LOVE IT!

I :Like the new Lids :slight_smile: