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Love the gold pants as this is the Black and Gold team, the players vote on which pants they want to wear, so lets hope they keep wearing the gold ones! :rockin:


They are not "gold" but yellow...

Why is it so hard to have the "gold" colour ,which is really "chrome" yellow,(think Kodak yellow) as the actual other colour in our uni's?It was there for years!

Those yellow jerseys are FUGLY in my opinion.....................just sayin

I like the black and yellow alot more than black and gold, I hate the saints.

the cats colours are yellow not gold...

The Cats color may be yellow not gold, but yellow just sounds so…pansy and rolls off the tongue so poorly. Easier to accept the lie and just say gold.

I dunno about you, but if I were to pick a colour off the colour wheel to describe gold, it would be yellow.

Goldenrod is neither golden nor a rod.


Who really wants to split hairs on this?

Gold or yellow they win more in those pants it seems. Would be interesting to see a W-L record breakdown with gold/yellow pants over the last 5 years.

I can't be bothered to look it up right now, but I recall somebody posted an article in here some time ago (around playoff time, maybe) in which it was argued, with supporting evidence, that refs were more likely to give penalties to teams wearing black uniforms than teams wearing other colours. Given that most penalties result in a disadvantageous change in yards, it's not hard to see how that could translate to fewer points for the team in black or more points for the team not in black, and thus a higher likelihood that the team in black loses.


They are now..

Take a look at the top of the page and tell me the colour on Mosca's helmet is the same as the colour areond #28's collar???

It definately is'nt!

One has more orange in it (ie."gold")

The other is almost bright yellow...

Another example??

Compare throwback helmets from 2009 and 2010...One is the original "gold" and last years was bright yellow...

They are simply not the same...

If I interpret your comparisons correctly, you're saying the old is more gold and the new more yellow. The opposite appears true if you compare the rotating logo (old) with your post here and the new leaping tiger on zenstate's post, three before yours.

If I interpret your comments correctly, you're saying "the old is more gold and the new more yellow." The opposite is true if you compare the rotating old style logo, on your post, with the new style leaping tiger on zenstate's post three before yours.

It seems so..

I wonder why they can't make our current yellow portions of the uni more like the colour they used to be?

The colours are inconsistent from product to product, even now. I bought one of the TiCats Rugby jerseys last year, and it definitely has the "gold" colour, but the sweater I bought (and later returned) had a lighter and less saturated yellow, more like the gold on the current Pittsburgh Penguins uniforms. The colour on the key-chain/lanyard, on the other hand, is almost orange.

Gold Pants: 2-0
Others: 0-2

Change the team nickname "The Black and Gold" to the Black and Goldish/Yellowish.