Everyone's looking for a lucky charm on Saturday? How about the team wearing the traditional gold pants? Why are they only worn on the road???

lets wear them, and kick some butt doing it

As Onknight said last year "I don't care if they wear pink tutus, I just want them to win".

This is true for me also :slight_smile:

It would really suck though if they wore the pink tutu's and got beat bad. :slight_smile:

gold pants are bush, those ugly pants they wore vs. calgary belong in arena football.


Gold pants bush? you obviously are a new comer to the team and its history...

Tell that to angelo mosca, or john barrow, or herb patera .. in fact all the winning teams from 1957 through to the late 60s....

seems that the black on black reflects our mood and competency.. or lack of same

Bush? black pants are bush...and about as original as Jason Maas' play calling...

And you obviously must be a new comer aswell, Maas hasnt called the plays since coming here.

the gold pants didnt look good....

i think it was cuz the stripe down the siide looked weird.

when the cats are in training camp, the gold pants they wear there have nice black stripes down the leg....they should wear THOSE gold pants.


Gold pants worked with the old unis, but the stripe effect with the new ones work better with the black pants and the white pants.

You have to be Angelo Mosca Tough to wear a Pink tutu. Somthing this team is Still learning.

Hay Bob are your Ready for Pink Tutu Day Yet?:lol:
Opps That was Secret was it..:lol:

I'm for the GOLD pants I thought we looked good in Calgary. Ummm not our play though. At lease they were better then the maroon pants Montreal wore last week in Winnepeg! God Montreal get new uni's please!