Gold pants... artist's concept!

See what you think... I say death to the black pants as well!

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I think your design is great! I love the idea of the old gold pants coming back but didn't want to lose the stripe that goes down the side of the shirt and then continues down the side of the pants. You have figured out a way of incorporating the stripe on the side of the shirt and down the pants.


Nice to see that someone got the notion of having that jersey side stripe continue down the pants! Some teams can't get it right! I hope we do!

like Said Before Who cares if they where
Gold or White..

I don't care if they Where Kilts
as long as we play football and Win..


We have more important things to worry about. If the team is smart they will not touch the colour schemes, the LOGO, the Helmets NOTHING !!! Just be concerned about getting a GOOD head coach and settle the FOOTBALL SIDE OF THINGS !!!!

Nice job ub40.

The gold pants look good.

I liked the white and black pants too. They grew on me.

The all white labour Lay look was particularly surprisingly nice.

How about making the side stripe white on the black jersey, continuing down the pants to a black tip and make the numbers gold with a white outline. On the white jersey, a black side stripe continuing down the pants to a white tip and leave the numbers black with gold outline? Gold pants, home and away of course.

And yes, getting a head coach and decent team is probably more important than fashion, but what the hell, their not exclusive of each other.

They grew on me
They grew on me too. Like fungus.

HOWEVER, i'm more interested in the on field product than how they are dressed. Best uniforms in the league, and worst team on the field, means nothing to me.

I say take away thier stripes and go with PLAIN !!!! .. add a stripe each year we manage a better then .500 record .. a goal fix this football team !! looking good means nothing when your looking so far up ..

Me thinks losing has made some people a tad grumpy!

gold pants are not needed.
ticats need a new qb
coaching staff
some heart and desire
gold pants aint gonna make this team go 13-5.

Please don't dearail ub40's thread about uniforms.

ub40 went to the effort to show us something he created.

There are all kinds of threads on how to improve the team. This isn't one of them.

As designs for updating the uniform go, the one linked at the top of this thread is pretty good IMHO.

I would like the team to adopt a classic third jersey for Labour Day circa 1972 the next time around, but I'm not holding my breath. I think the trick is to make the current regular unis directly linkable to a winning program, so it's attention to the on-field product that will translate into long-term success of the marketing arm. I still associate the current logo (which I have grown to like) with Tony The Tiger in weak moments, so winning a playoff game or two in the next couple of years would be the ideal antidote. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,