Gold Pants = 2 Wins Black Pants = 1 Loss

See the Connection!!!!! Ban the black pants. They are hideous and a jinx....Stop wearing em...throw them out with those retro helmets.....

Bring tradition back...The football Gods love the Cats in Black N Gold!!!!

(and yes, I know our pants were white with gold trim in BC....still better than black thou).

Great Win Boys!!!!!

I would LOVE to see us use the gold pants all of the time, but would settle for home.

You can't beat the black jersey/gold pant combo.

But... I don't recall us wearing gold pants in Vancouver last week??

Correct we had all white last week in BC. Which by the way I like. Love gold pants but hate Gold Jerseys

the black pants should be mothballed, keep the gold ones for every home game along with the black, i dont know if the gold pants go well with the white away tops, but we could try it,

They wet well with them every year for the last 50, until 2005??? Then we switched for who knows whatever reason.

Try anything just keep the wins coming

Big bucks with a Reebok contract.

Well, in the main, that's correct. Somewhere in the nineties by my recollection black pants started to get worn on the road periodically as well. It was only when the current Reebok fare became the standard unis that white pants figured into the visiting unis at all.

The Cats did wear the Reebok gold pants on the road last year for a number of games.

Oski Wee Wee,

The uniform above in the photo of Mosca, thats the real ticat uniform and should be returned to.
Instead of the number on the helmet they should have the leaping cat however, the new updated one.
You don't see the Canadians or Yankees messing with their uniforms and for me the traditional Ticat uniform should be held in the same reverence.
C'mon caretaker, bring 'em back.

The gold pants were actually gold instead of yellow. Long live the black & gold.

Thats funny because I hate the pants but if they win with it keep it going! :wink:

I’m all for sticking with the exact uniform we had last night. It soooooooooo reminded me of what the Tiger-Cats should look like on the field. Of course, put the helmet back to what is was (Gold stripe down the middle and the leaping Tiger on the side)…I realize the TC was only for the retro game.

…and for the love of creation, burn the pants that we’ve seen the last few years that look like a Herb Tarlek 70’s neck-tie is glued to the sides (insert puke emoticon here)…last night’s Gold pants and jerseys are the ticket !!

Sorry but the small amount of gold on the white pants does not make them gold. The black pants have exactly the same amount of gold that the white ones have.

last nights pants were solid Gold "Zenstate"......not white.

what post are you referring to?

the top one, "deerhunter"

I'm obviously not talking about the retro pants having a small amount of gold since that is all they are.

Well, perhaps now that we have an atmosphere of team spirit again, it's probably time we go back to the days of having two for away games and one for home games........same pants all the time and same helmets........just the jerseys get switched between light (away) and dark (home)........

These crazy combinations of ridiculous versions of the Tiger-Cat uniform is cheapening the whole "air" about the team the past while......

Last nights uniform should be the regular Ticats home uniform from now on......

I hate 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on, uniforms........let's just get back to a standard "look" (home and away) and concentrate on winning games......

Don't forget that in the 89's and 90's the team was wearing Steelers hand-me-downs because the owners could not afford the uniforms... That was also the time they had "iron-on" lettering and numbering...

I was not aware that the Steelers supplied our jerseys and pants.......sorry..........that's cool that the Pittsburgh Steelers happened to have Tiger-Cats jerseys in their locker room for us......awesome!! :smiley: