Gold Miners rights

Who owns the rights of the now defunct Sacramento Gold Miners? Does the owners who did before the franchise folded or does the league itself? I like making up new football teams and what if leagues and was wondering if there was a new franchise in Sacramento and went with the Gold Miners, what they would have to do to aquire the nickname?

Varies I expect … to my knowledge the actual franchise belongs to the league but the intellectual property (e.g., team name) usually belong to the owner.

The original owner died quite awhile ago, so no actual “owner” to control anything. I believe I read something that awhile ago that the league got ownership of the names, logos, etc. of all the old CFL franchises (including the former American ones). I can’t remember when I read that and my memory could be a little off, but I know that by the time the current Ottawa ownership had secured a franchise, the league owned the name and rights to “Ottawa Rough Riders” and wouldn’t allow them to use it.

The “name” would be an “asset” so would depend on his will … he could well have left it to the CFL in his will or perhaps his estate sold it.

Isnt the Rough Riders the only name the Cfl doesn’t have control, or did they pay Hotn Chen for the name back.

I think the league did get control over the Rough Riders name and logo, maybe back when Cohen was commish. IIRC, there was some sort of court proceedings since Chen was not actively using the trademark.