Gold jerseys

I'm really liking them!

They are really sharp. Best third jersey in the c.f.l

I don’t care for our gold jerseys at all.

Plus they make the numbers more difficult to read.

Though my biggest jersey pet peeve in the league is the font used for the numbers on Calgary’s jerseys, where the 1s look too much like 7s.

I've taken a liking to them as well.

Although I believe they are gold, not yellow.

I love the new jerseys. I'd like to see more of them as we begin a new Ticat era of KNOWING WE CAN WIN!

I can live with the Calgary font, it's the amount of black in their unis that I hate.

It bucks tradtion. Please, much less black, a little is ok.

Stampeders should be predominantly red and white.

All fixed now. :thup:

no there yellow

I really like the all white ones(as seen in game #2).


I actually like ssk throwback and T.dots baby blues. I would put ours third. I would love to see us wear a throwback.

I don't really see how they are gold. Winnipeg's helmets are gold, they're metallic. Their pants try to look like the helmets, but it doesn't quite work out, they look like a dirty gold. Similarly, Montreal's helmets are silver, but their pants are really grey.

In the NFL, San Francisco's helmets are gold, and their pants are like Winnipeg's. The Patriots' uniforms are like Montreal's. Detroit has silver helmets too, but the pants are a grey imitation of silver. The Steelers have a colour scheme like ours; it doesn't look like gold to me-- it's yellow.

Our pants and third jersey don't look metallic like gold. To me they look like a dark yellow. I know we like to refer to "the Black and Gold"-- it has a nice ring to it. When I was a kid, I always thought of the Ticats' colours as black and yellow. I still do.

Yellow isn't gold, grey isn't silver. Calling them gold or silver doesn't make them so, however nice it sounds.

The Winnipeg jerseys with the "dirty gold" pants look so bad.. I dont see why they still have them.

These are the jerseys to go with it, the ugliest in the CFL that i've seen ... Q/610x.jpg

8) Me too !!! They are my favourites now !!!!

I think they're great. I don't want to see them all the time, but they're nice to see once in a while, a couple home games per year. I still like the black jerseys and yellow pants. Hopefully, they'll bring back the white helmets one day. They were sharp. I really like the tiger head on that helmet. It's one of the sharpest logos they've come up with.

i think most jerseys look good or bad depending on the rest of the uniform..examples:

the blue bombers gold jerseys with WHITE pants look good...with the blue pants, look bad.

the ticats gold jerseys, on the players in uniform, look good...on fans, look bad.

the argos baby blues with white pants look decent..with blue pants look bad.

riders retro 3rd unis look awesome.

bc lions black 3rds with orange helmets look terrible...with regular white helmet look decent.

edmonton and calgarys 3rds look bad all the time. as does montreals 3rds both blue and black 3rds...acutally montreals blacks look good if it werent montreal, cuz montreal is blue, white and red...wheres the red??

I like the Sask throwback 3rd uniforms. Winnipeg's goldish ones seem a good fit for them too. Looks very retro. I thought the black 3rd jerseys that Sask wore a few years ago looked lame.

I think the best looking "3rd jersey" is still the black jersey with the crossed pistols logo on the sleeve that Calgary initially introduced for Labour Day in the mid-90s. Despite the fact they were wearing them when we lost the Grey Cup to them in '98.

Most of the other alternate jerseys leave me cold, worst of all being Edmonton.

Calling them yellow doesn't make them so either.


I don't like the "gold" uniforms. Black has always been my favorite.

Can anyone tell me if the Cats have ever won while wearing the "Gold"? I saw that Saturday and my heart stopped. I have never seen them win in gold (to my recollition).

Yes, we won the last game of the year last season wearing gold.

man your on crack if you think there gold. i have one there yellow.