Gold Helmet Stripes?

I personally like the gold stripe on the helmets. They're doing this for mini-camp on the offence's helmets but I think it should be permanent... team-wide! Your vote?

How did I miss this??? Maybe because it looks so right?

They should also add the white outside bars as well,always liked that look :thup: to me it just finishes off the helmet and makes it look complete and much sharper than just plain solid black.I also would like them to bring back the old yellow gold helmets,perhaps as an away helmet for this season,for me this is a classic look,that served the team well until the "86" season,when they switched it up to the black helmet scheme that they have had ever since.

White accent stripes - :thup:
Gold helmets - :thup: Ti-Cat helmets and designs through the history of the franchise.72-83,84-85 for Gold look :) :thup: and for black,the look of 86-89 with gold striping with white accent striping on the outside :) :thup: To me these are the two I would most like to see,hopefully this season :rockin: if link doesn't work just click on CFL in the left hand sidebar,then click on Tiger-Cat image and logo. :cowboy:

Sample of new jerseys with "old" style helmets.


IMO, I think the Eskimos mixed uniforms of the last few years are quite good.

I'm wondering if the stripe might actually help the QB, making it easier to spot receivers, and easier to see when they are looking at him. I recently read that this was the reason behind Michigan's unique (to say the least) helmets.

How bout tiger tail stripes ? The wife's suggestion 8)

Your wife's car perhaps????? :lol: 8) :slight_smile:

Your wife perhaps????? :lol: 8) :slight_smile:

I'd prefer if it was 3 stripes. Keep the thick one down the middle and add 1 thin stripe on either side.
Then it would be purr-fect.


Like this?

This was Wally Zatylny's helmet from 1990, according to the auction site. (The auction is closed, in case you were interested.)

That is the quintessential ticats helmet, imo!
Need those stripes back.

This one's pretty good too. The stripes make it better too.

From a retro-night a few years ago, apparently.

I don't think the white stripes, as shown on the "Wally" helmet, would look good now, as they once did, with today's home black-jersey uniform combinations where the only other white is so minimal -- just outlining the numbers and the logos and backgrounding the CFL and Tim Hortons patches.

Best helmet, best uniform.

wouldn't it be too late by then ???? just saying ... think its more to distinguish teammates from similar colored helmets

Probably right about knowing when they're looking - the ball should already be one its way by then. Being able to distinguish your own player from the other team's players is critical, and the stripes might help with that. And you'd have to think that general visibility could be an issue with an all black helmet, trying to pick it out of a crowd. The stripe might provide that extra bit of contrast against the background.

I like this