What do numbers show after first match?

Rider Rookie Kicker - compare best import

Field Goals - 2x3 (miss 49) - okay
Best Import - Duvall - 4x6
Kickoffs - 48 yard average (57 without short
ones) - ?
Best Import - Duvall - 56 Yard Avg
Punting - 37 yard avg / 34 yard net overall
Best Import -
Duvall - 52 Yard Avg / 48 yard net overall
OUCH!!! At this rate, Riders will give
up 1 & half first downs every punt
But look on bright side - at least rookie numbers are close to worst (by far) CFL vet punter McCallum - 39 yard average / 29 yard net

I know - give rookie a chance -

Problem - Newsflash - CFL West in 06 is no place to be learning this kind of thing hard way

Headline - Riders Out of Race Early!!!

These type results predicted here before preseason start

Post in May -
WHAZZUP??? Blokes in Riders front office and coaches must be nuts!!! Eskimos sign import punter - Bombers sign import punter - Montreal Als have import kicker/punter - Riders not only don't sign import punter or kicker like smarter CFL teams are beginning to do, Riders go with one Canadian rookie doing all three - maybe a rookie doing kicks and kickoffs - but all three - too much pressure for rookie - and no one for real emergency backup if rookie gets hurt during a game - Riders are nutz!!! Hang on Rider fans looks like a long season - but look on bright side, at least they train this rookie for new front office and coaches who take over later

Makes you long for the days when we didnt have to worry about our kicking game with McCallum around? To those who had no confidence in him dont be too surprised if he burns us down the road this season. The decision to let him go as a FA will haunt Shivers and Barrett this year.

Lets give these young kickers a chance before running them out of town ala' Paul McCallum

I agree, hopefully they will pull through. Although thry probably shouldn’t have been so quick to dump McCallum

Isnt it Easy for the riders to just sign an import or someone like kellet after the preseason? and thats IF the rookies arent doing great.

remember not having an import kicker frees up an import at a different position.

Kellet or O'Mahoney(if he sorts out his problems) would probably be the best bet if your rookie kickers don't perform well.

If the riders go with one of these canadian rookies as their punter and another as their kicker. that fills two Canadian roster spots instead of just one right?

That means they have at least one extra import slot available then if they bring in an import and have a canadian backup.

Does the name Jon Ryan ring a bell ?

oohh...hook up the honey wagon......


I heard that Ryan wants to play in Saskatchewan....not sure if he can kick FG's though

Who knows he could be cut by the Green Bay Packers, but I am willing to bet he will be their starting punter this year, he has a monster leg and if he can learn to exchange some of his distance for hang time he wont ever see the CFL again. Would love to see him in a Rider uniform tho.

no really "nuts", Bombers are going with a rookie punter.

and I can see Ryan becoming a Rider someday.

but he was a rookie and he had a average yardage higher than some guys gross yards.

Well actually the Riders did have an import kicker at camp!!!! They cut him because the Canadians turned out to be better!

Last year Calgary went with two rookies. It worked out pretty good for them.

rookie punter/kickers, Reckless?, maybe, NUTS?, NO!

it is sad that

whazzup is right

he would know this but rider coaching staff
would not

the new ottawa team will probably hire them next year

thanks for noticing reelworld

if anyone else is looking
only one other CFL team has one player doing all three jobs - he is an import -

and Riders have rookie doing all three?

Let rookie kick placements (seems to do well at this) and maybe kickoff - but punting needs help

dont forget this first game was indoors (numbers are usually higher) - what happens outside?

expect rookie to do all three well enough to compete in CFL West this year? - NUTZ!!!!

just wanted to point out that prefontaine does all three in toronto and he is a non-import.