Going Way Out On A Limb - Why a Team in Ottawa, When......

There was a blog message about the recent Laval game where they had 18,200 in the seats, which “supposedly” is “sort” of regular. I haven’t checked, but I seem to recall they get great numbers…Anything is better than the GeeGees vs. Laurier game a little while ago…

Any way…Oh God, I’m Going to Get Hell for This…

There are people driving themselves crazy, some here at this household included about bring a team back to Ottawa. :oops:

Then you look at Laval and the draw, and the Alouettes/McGill and their draw, and you have to ask yourself. Why not Quebec City? Not big stadiums (but expandable) in either city, and with a great fan base, and successful university programs (Laval, McGill, Concordia, UQUAM, Bishops, Sherbrooke?). I believe there are great city and highschool programs in Montreal and Quebec City too!

Out East I have to agree they are great football fans (look at Acadia), but is anyone going to build a 20,000 seat stadium on the hopes and prayers that they can fill the stadium? Maybe it will be like Regina, or the Packers in Wisconsin, and people will come from miles away to watch a game.

With some talent, might this be the Kick in the Ass the CFL needs?

Come on folks… its only a thought… be gentle!! I’m sure this has been said before!!

Football is indeed very hot right now in a good part of the province.

You have to realize that while the Laval crowd looks very nice on paper, if you watch a Laval game on TV you will see that the stadium is not suitable for a professional team. A large portion of that crowd is sitting and standing along the track and other areas around the field. (There are literally people everywhere) The seats that are there are mostly just bleachers and therefore is not really worth expanding. It would be more of a re-build I would think.

A team could indeed work very well in Quebec City with one thing: a stadium.

So now all we need is 60 to 80 million dollars and we are all set. Teams in both Ottawa and Quebec City would bring the league to an even 10.

So, any volunteers for the cash?

$60 to $80 mil ... would if I could ...

Yes, the "stadium" at Laval has always been a work in --well-- not progress, but there is a hole in the ground for a stadium. I'm pretty sure the current Quebec government and the dear mayor of Quebec City would never want to spring for a stadium. I seem to recall back in the late 80's or early 90's talk of the city building a stadium with a surcharge on all sporting events - but then the Nordiques were gone some time around then too..I don't follow hockey, so don't recall the dates.

A 5 west and 5 split with team in Ottawa and QC would be great. But then a team out east would work equally well. Isn't it easier and a lot cheaper to fly into Fredricton and Halifax than QC??

11 teams, coast-to-coast, all in major cities would be perfect...until years from now when a CLEAR choice western city is ready for a team without enfringing on another teams territory..example, saskatoon enfringing on the riders fan base is a NO-GO

with Halifax prime to win the CW games ( and a new CFL sized stadium ), and the quebec government commiting to half-a-billion dollars to sports facilities ( over the next 5 years ), theres no reason why the following cant become a reality within 7-8 years:



the QB quality is so high right now, that every team could have a legit star at QB.


BC - Pierce
Edmonton - Ray
Calgary - Burris
Saskatchewan - Joseph
Winnipeg - Glenn
Hamilton - Maas
Toronto - Allen ( if still playing )
Ottawa - Palmer
Montreal - Calvillo
Quebec-city - Dickenson
Halifax - Printers

11 teams would be sweet, but unbalanced ... which may or may not be an issue. Anyway, we're one to two years away from 9 teams, a few years more (I'd say 5 to 10) away from 10 teams, and probably up to 15 years away from 11 teams ... unless fans and owners start knocking down the CFL's door for expansion teams! (Here's hoping!)

You forgot Victoria BC in the western conference!

18,000 sounds great on paper for a Laval game, but how much are tickets? Do students get in free? Big difference between 18k there, and 18k having to pay an average ticket price of $40. Just a thought...

It is funny our sothern friends often comment on our countries left leanings but, If any money goes to pro sports teams in Canada people get very angry. Yet our government can give out lots of coporate welfare to such companies as walmart IBm and who knows who else without anyone even noticeing. A large facility allows a community to host many other events.

Corporate welfare to Walmart? Not true, WalMart pays its own way in this country and hires a lot of people. It was WalMart that was behind the Juno Beach memorial in France.

But it is disgusting that our government will give corporate welfare to Bombardier, Ford, GM Chrysler.
Public money should not go to any company and the private sector should be more involved in building and operating stadiums.

Not a cent of public money went into building Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa, privately built and run arena.

He forgot Victoria for a very good reason. It will never happen. No Stadium, and no population.

No pop?? If Regina and Halifax can have a team then sure as hell so can Victoria. For the stadium issue, build a new one, what was the venue for the 1994 CGs?

Speeking as a resident; Victoria could not, and would not, suport a CFL team.

Nobody forgot Victoria. It will never happen!

Its a retirement community. Not everyone my age wants to go to football.

ahem......so much for this theory

Tickets for Adults at Laval are 15$, 20$ for a reserved seat, around half price for students.

I don't know how anyone got the 40$ ticket average idea but a CFL team needs:
12M in Revenues
2M from league sponsorship
2M from corporate sponsorship
8M from Game days = 44$ from 18K fans(parking/Tickets/Concessions/Merchandise)

This is going with very low Corporate support(Bombers are at 3.4M)
Game day Revnues(Concessions/parking) should be around 1.2-1.3M for a 18K seat stadium.(going by Edmontons 2.5M from 40K fans)

10 team league:
TO, MTL, Ottawa, Hamilton, Quebec/Moncton or Halifax

12 team league:
West Division:
Pacific: EDM, BCL, CGY
Prairie: SSK, SST(Saskatoon), WPG
East Division:
Ontario: OTT, HAM, TO
Atlantic: MTL, QBC/MON/HFX

For a 12 team expansion, that means preferably Halifax or Moncton and Quebec City.
London is left out, sorry.
Saskatoon only works in a 12 team format due to such a mass of games being against Winnipeg/Rider Priders.

No other West City truly works, Thunder bay?
Middle of EDM/CGY?

haha, Bombardier.. let's give them a couple Billion Dollars, gain no ownership and let them cut workers... yay!!!

Just take a small portion of that, not even 1/4 and the CFL could have a 10 team loop or even a 12 team loop with a savings to keep the league going strong for a long time.

NOPE, we can't spend money there, it isn't right because too many Canadian(over 4M) love the CFL... I mean it is wrong to spend money on something such a large amount of the population is invested in.
Largest Grey cup viewership is what.. 5-6M? not including the atleast 50K in attendance + those who couldn't watch for one reason or another.(some people are forced to work saddly)