Going to watch some real?? football

Going to Germany tomorrow for the World Cup. I guess I will get to see if this other football is any good. Got sweet tickets to the France vs Korea game in Liepzig on the 18th. I'm pretty pumped. Be back in August to cheer on my Riders.

I suspect a lot of teams will have bowed down to the Riders by then.

Its gonna be a great Summer. For the Riders, but especially for me.

See you all


For your sake I hope France learns to score at the World cup (0 goals in the last WC and 0 this year so far).
At least your in Germany you can get some nice beer to wash down the boredom if they dont.

Hey Soupy, how many Americans so far in Germany have you overheard asking where the buns are for their Sausages??? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

Have a nice trip Billy !

Have a nice Trip Billy.....Have to admit, I can't get excited about Soccer. Going to watch your Riders play the Lions on Friday. Mrs Sportsmen is packing as we speak.

Billy's leaving Saskatchewan for a place where some of the world's best beers are made, where there are five football teams and where brothels are legals.

Have a nice life in Germany Billy. Drop by this forum if you ever come back to Canada to visit us!

...have a good trip Billy....don't get lost in the Black Forest....and stay away from those desserts over there...those Germans make some mean strudel...and other tasty fattening things...lol lol :thup:

How odd it is to see a Canadian stating that Germany makes some of the world's best beer :o ,when in this ameican's (and many more I know) opinion Canada has THE best beers in the world :rockin:

Just steer clear of those German brews that "look so black, you could run your car on them" (as professed by an old friend who's seen some of those at a "Beers of The World" pub downtown)

geo, to an American, Canadian beer are great because they are beer, whereas what you unfortunately get marketed as a beer in the USA is tainted water.

Canadian beers are a 7 out of 10. German beers are a 9. So are beers from Chekoslovakia. Belgium get a 10 out of 10.

American beers are a 2, one rank above the Gawa, an alcohol made of spit by South American tribes.

Sweet trip billysoup.

What's worse with American alcoholic beverages is that they always seem to find a way to "malt up" their liquor.

Case in point, I was visiting a friend in upstate New York (between Utica and Albany) in 2003, and I was offered one of their version of "Hard Mike's". Now, here in Canada, Hard Mike's has a nice smooth tasting vodka blended into it. South of the border, they attempt the same feat with some form of malt liquor. Believe me, you can really taste the difference.

Cheer for Canada and Australia!

mongo, the "malt up" thing may not be so different in Canada. I don't know what the law states in the USA, but here, you can only sell liquor based drink in Liquor Stores, whereas you can sell alcoholic beverages made of malt in convenience stores.

Here in Quebec, we've had a product called Boomerang (I don't know if it was/is also available in other provinces). I was an emulation of Smirnoff Ice, but made with malt instead of vodka. The downside of the Boomerang, as you pointed it out, was that the tasted was.... uhh... lets say "average". But the upside was that it was sold in groceries and convenience stores. So the Boomerang outsold the Smirnoff Ice (at least during its first year on the market).

WOW , that is a trip of a life time.


Hey , now that will be REAL major league. :thup:

Lots of good beer in the USA, just avoid the mass market beers, just like you should in Canada! Next time you are in the states try a Sierra Nevada, a Stones, or another micro brewed beer!

btw, one common myth is that in general US beer is "weaker" than canadian beer. The reality is that in many states alc. is measured by weight were as in Canada it is measured by volume, these two systems of measurements make it appear that most American beer has less alc, but in reality it is the same.

Actually out west, (at least from what I've seen in Calgary and Saskatoon) you can buy beer and hard liquor products from licensed vendors, not just a liquor board store. However, I've yet to see any convenience-type stores that sell beer, besides the "near-beer" variety anyways.