Going to TO/Hamilton

Hey guys

I just thought I'd make this thread for anyone thinking of heading to Toronto or Hamilton for a game. This might be an odd post, but I thought I'd probably give some heads up.

If you go to Toronto, stick together and be sure you go with a lot of friends, because the atmosphere in the dome will suck the life out of you otherwise. If you just go with a buddy, you'll experiencing first hand the reason why many call the Rogers Centre the morgue. Don't expect a swath of fanatical Argo fans anywhere but section 134 where their flag bearers and drummers tend to hang out (but they do move around). If you think Ottawa is hopeless with how many losses you guys have this season, trust me, you'll go to the Rogers Centre and realize just how good you have it. The on field stuff will sort itself out overtime, but what you have in TD Place you'll learn to appreciate after you've been to a Toronto Argos home game.

If you come to Hamilton, buy your tickets in advance. The upper stands should be ready for the game, so that should somewhat alleviate the problem, but right now the Cats are the hottest game in town and have been selling out. Keep also in mind, if you are staying in a hotel (likely downtown) that the stadium is a decent distance away from the core. That also being said, you game ticket works as a free bus ticket on game day. Also, the easiest way to endear yourselves to us, is to come up with new ways to rip on the Argos.

That's actually a good idea. I might be a in a position to attend the team's final regular season game on November 7th, so if anyone else is going, or knows of a little gathering of Ottawa fans, speak up. :thup:

It was just announced that the upper stands will NOT be open at THF for the Ottawa game.

If you are looking for tickets for the Hamilton at Ottawa game on the 31st of October I have a pair, we are heading back down south at the end of the month and I won't be able to use them.
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Such a shame the upper deck still isn't open. Oh well, the place is still great. Looking forward to visiting you guys on the 31st and checking out your new house.

I was looking at certain sections in Toronto and wrote to the Argos to ask about seat availability. They said that quite a few groups were going to that November 7th game.

Now I don't know if that means families, or groups of fan friends or what, but still. There might be a good Ottawa presence during that game. Hope so. :thup:

I hope so too, painting the Rogers Centre black, be it black and gold or black and red puts a smile on my face and further hammers home for me, just how lame Toronto is.

As a side note, if anyone was planning on making the trip tomorrow and hasn't bought tickets, according to this, there are five tickets remaining. Now that being said, all ticket holders do have access to the endzone patio on the south side.

[url=http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10004CB4A990847E?camefrom=CFC_CFL_1]http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10004C ... =CFC_CFL_1[/url]