Going to the Greycup!!!!

Wow what an exciting game for me.

I'd just like to say hi everyone i'm new here.

I've been watching the Esks for quite sometime now, me and a good friend of mine "esksTmac" enjoy them to the fullest and me and i'm sure he is incredibly excited about there win tonight.

I just wanted to say hi and to wish us good luck for next week.

GO ESKS!!!!!![/b]

Good luck next weekend eskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrads Esks, You got Maas in at the right time. Unfortunately we didn't get Printers in quick enough.

I don't know if the TV or your newspapers mentioned it, but Joe Mountford played an awesome game for you guys. He was constantly presuring or knocking down our QB's. He was a man on a mission.

Good luck next week. Win it for the West!

Montford is amazing...one of if not the best defensive linemen in the league

One of the best in league history if not the best imo.

Montford is an animal. There were concerns about his age, but he looks like he can play and dominate for a few more years!

Apparently he is also a personal fitness consultant or something liek that. No wonder he keeps himself in such good shape.

Congrats esks, kick some al butt now.

kick butt they shall, go eskies go!!!!!!!