Going to the game @ end of sep...

Hi ticat fans! could use a little help form you. The Missus and I are coming down to Ivor Wynne for the game against my Esks sept. 30 and would like to stay the weekend, visit the football HOF and such...problem is the "fancy" hotels I find on expedia.ca all start around 100-120 bucks...thats a little steep for 2 nights on my beer budget. can anyone familiar with the hamilton scene reccomend a decent inn or motel downtown or close to Ivor wynne that could be had for about 65-75 a night? we dont need ammenities really all we will be doing is flopping out on the bed at the end of the night but dont want something too scuzzy or ghetto...any help would be appreciated (and come on, dont jerk us around and send us to the crappiest place cause were eskimos fans living in Toronto :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ).

the girlfriend and I have never really been to hamilton and want to stay the weekend and have a good time...can you guys reccomend any good nightclubs where we can dance a bit, party and otherwise let off some steam after the game? any suggestions would be much appreciated, and hey, I'll see some of ya there! PM me or just leave suggestions here on the board. thanks in advance!

Sorry but I can't help you. I know nothing about the city of Hamilton. But, if you haven't got any suggestions yet, maybe try posting this on a pure Hamilton forum. That might help better then here. Just an idea.

hamilton smells funny.