Going to my first game since I was 6 years old!!!

I moved to Windsor when I was 7 years old. The last Tiger-Cats game I saw was in 1986! I was 6 years old.

I am PUMPED for tonight!

See ya'll at the game! :smiley:

The weather will be great, the stadium will be almost full and you're going to see the best rivalry in the country.

Enjoy the game!!!!!!!

Hey, great job with football friday yesterday Hoagie.

The guy i work with finally turned the radio away from the usualy Top 40 crap and onto the fan for a few hours yesterday

Have a great time tonight Rusty.

Thank you for joining the military and serving our country.

aye, where are ya sittin rusty? (gotta know whether you'll be cheering for the black or yellow plane eh? lol)

Awesome stuff Rusty!

Ivor Wynne is a great place to watch a game and the stadium is MUCH nicer now vs. 86.

I only wish I lived as close to Hamilton as you :frowning:

Same here. :cry:

not much has really changes except for the turf and a new coat of paint or two

Have you forgotten Tiger Vision? :slight_smile:

Its a million times better vs. the old all bulb board.

Don't forget about Flowers for Algernon in the women's bathrooms too.