Going to my first CFL game

well im going to my first CFL game on labour day. (cant believe i missed TD atlantic!) I'm going to ontario that week for my cousin's wedding, and me and the old folks are going to that Ti-Cats/Argos game.
what kind of atmosphere do you expect the game will have? once i find those tickets laying around ill post what seats i have, and maybe a ticats fan can tell me where it is in the stadium?

anyways, im pumped!!

Ivor Wynne is usually jacked an extra notch for Labour Day. Hopefully the Cats can win one in Montreal before that game so the crowd has reason to be excited.

ya true. the entire league has the excitment notched cranked a few extra turns on labour day. I am going to my first one in regina this year for the bombers riders game. can;'t wait to see the atmosphere in taylor field (aka mosaic stadium)

It'll be an absolute circus at Taylor Field. Especially this year with both teams being good. It's a ton of fun, it just feels electric, like you could run your finger down anything and strike sparks.

You'll have a blast, at leats until kickoff, when the mauling of the Bombers begins.

The Toronto/Hamilton game should be a good one. Unfortunately, I've never attended a CFL game. Have fun and let us know how it was afterward. :slight_smile:

I was a Rider season ticket holder from 1979-1985, and I’m not sure I attended a CFL game during that time…

Have a good game mon ami!

Vive la CFL!

You get to see the Argo-Ti-Cat game in Hamilton? FANTASTIC! That stadium, though old and smallish, is probably the best stadium anywhere for football. It reeks of culture and history. I absolutely love it. Hopefully, they'll have a Pigskin Pete stand-in for that game so you can do the Oskee-wee-wee cheer!