Going to Montreal?

Not lookingto put a jinx in, but I'm seriously condsidering buying tickets now for the game next Sunday. Looks like mostly 200s and up are available right now.

Anyone know if the team will provide a package deal depending on the outcome this Sunday?

You will have to wait until Monday morning to see what they might offer.

We need to beat BC first!

Not looking to jinx? Then why start this thread?

Fans who look past teams or games are asking for a jinx..

I'm getting a case of Pat Stoquaitis with this thread!!!!

Don't even mention that crap dude!!!

One game at a time... :wink:

If you fellas are going, give the ladies at Super Sex my regards! Best strip club in Montreal!

Funny you should mention that name, Epperly. .... I thought of Stoqua watching last Sunday's game in WPG. The Bombers first drive TD was a pass to #83 Ryan, covered by Bradley who collided with Knowlton, setting the receiver headed to the endzone. As I recall, Stoqua's moment of fame in Hamilton occurred on simple short out pass and two Cats collided, trying to make the tackle, with the shocking same result. And, the 5-11's put the 11-4-1's out and then almost won the Cup. Bad luck like that can't happen two weeks in row!

This post should have been deleted right away.

I prefer chez paree

You know, I never thought about it. My G/F and I could go next Saturday, stay Saturday night in Montreal, watch the game on Sunday, leave Sunday night, take Monday off. Not a bad idea at all.