Going to Ivor Wynne from the McMaster campus


Right now McMaster is one of the universities I'm considering attending in the fall. I don't live in Hamilton, but one of the obvious benefits to choosing Mac is its closer proximity to the Tiger-Cats. However, I'm wondering if there is a bus that can take someone from the Mac campus direct to Ivor Wynne (or close to it). I understand if you show your student card you get some kind of deal, but I was hoping to get more information on the logistics.


As you stated you will get a students bus pass at Mac as part of you overall tuition fees. Also the HSR (Hamilton Street Railways) the bus line honours tickets for the TiCat games before and after the game as bus fare. I will post a link to the bus company. You are looking at Lines #1 #2 and/or #3. The King #1(or B-line depending on time of day) will bring you downtown and you then transfer to Barton #2 or Cannon#3 , both of which have stops right at the stadium. Going back, pretty much the same in reverse, plus a bonus of buses put on just to take the crowd back downtown. Make the right conections 30 or 40 mins tops.


Stay on the King. 1 or 10 until you get to Melrose Ave on Main (its Main going east and King going west). Its only 4 or 5 blocks and saves a big hassle of a transfer. On the way home walk over to King a couple of blocks away and catch the King St bus right to Mac

there is also the ticat shuttle which stops at main and emerson and takes you directly to the stadium on game days, free with ticket and catch the return after the game (university plaza shuttle)


That is even better, door to door delivery, awesome.

hey, i go to all the ti-cat games and i am living on res this first year (moving off tomorrow hehe) but on the corner of Emmerson (by the subway, Gino's pizza and Williams coffee pub) and Main, the Ti-Cat express picks you up and then drops you off their right after the game. i used that a number of times and it was great.