Going to Grey Cup?

Hey...I'm doing research for a Winnipeg company (Frantic Films) doing a documentary on CFL fans going to this year's Grey Cup.

We're looking for a wide range of folks coming to the game...essentially anyone with a good story about why they love the CFL and the Grey Cup.

If you're planning to go to the game, please reply to this thread and hopefully we can talk.


Derek Taylor


The Box J Boys will be there!

I will be there along with Ethel, Eva and I am sure quite a few more. pat_cat

BoxEHSmitty aka(BIG TUB O GOO) will be there and I am still working on the wife. Still got a couple of months!! LOL

11 and counting!See you in Winterpeg!Should be a hoot!

ill b there!



Hey pat_cat, it was nice to be formally introduced to you at the tailgate on Labour Day by Woody. I've scoured my computer but I'm afraid I can't find the picture I took of you at the Spirit of Edmonton last year.

That was funny, as I was waiting in line to get in, around 11pm on Friday night, and I saw you leaving and stopped you because I recognized your pic from ticats.ca. What struck me was you were a trooper still out late partying, you had outlasted the other people you were with. Grandmas rule! :rockin:

How many GC's will this be? (Don't forget to tell Derek about your car!)

Sure hope there's lots of porta potties!!i here winnipegs finest dont take to kindly to public urination.

The A-S.com boys will be in the Peg. This is our 15th straight Cup.

I am coming from Cincinnati, we have one guy coming from Calgary and 3 from Hamilton.

Drop us a line.